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National Red Ribbon Week and Drug Education

Start planning now to participate in National Red Ribbon Week – October 23rd – 31st, 2010! Most U.S. public schools, and some private and homeschools participate in this effort to educate children about drug related issues.  By taking an active roll in educating our children on drug related issues such as drug addiction, drug abuse prevention, consequences of drug use, etc…we are arming them with the tools they may need someday to make good choices if they are ever put in a position of accepting or turning down the opportunity to try drugs.

The National Family Partnership, sponsor of Red Ribbon Week, recently gave over 300 students the opportunity to participate in a contest to come up with the theme for 2010.  The majority of these entries made the celebration of individuality clear and recognized that being Drug-Free is an individual choice.  The 25th anniversary theme chosen for the 2010 campaign is “I Am Drug-Free” with a banner that reads – “See the Connections…Choices = Consequences”.  Teaching our children early on how to make good choices, and the consequences if they don’t is going to give them a huge advantage in their fight to stay Drug-Free.

In an effort to help educate parents, teens, families, educators, communities, etc…we have come up with a list of websites that offer information on some of these issues:

  • Teen Help – Drug abuse, depression, parenting, teen health, adolescent development, abuse, disabilities, and more.
  • Teen Drug Addiction – Drug addiction, drugs teens use, drug treatment options.
  • Teen Alcohol Abuse – Teen drinking trends, causes and warning signs, alcohol abuse help
  • Teen Smoking – Teen smoking facts, statistics, prevention, etc.
  • Troubled Teen 101 – Teen drug use, alcohol abuse, troubled teen issues, behavior problems, mental health, and more.

Take an active role in educating yourself, your family, and others about drug use, abuse, and prevention.  Together we CAN fight this battle.