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School Teacher Pay

Here we will briefly discuss a teacher’s duties and school teacher pay as well as the job prospects and forecast. 
The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the following about public school teaching:

  • Public school teachers must be licensed with a bachelors degree and completion of a teaching program.
  • States offer alternative programs to draw people into the teaching field with a focus on positions that are typically hard to fill.
  • Job offers are out there but vary depending on demographic regions.

Teachers are to promote the education and social skills of children in their early years (K-12).  Teachers play a key role in the future of the child.  The tone they set in the classroom, the support they give and the knowledge they impart all shape the child’s future. 

In subjects as mathematics, science, and English among others teachers prepare presentations, assignments, demonstrations, and activities to teach different concepts and to increase critical thinking skills.  Teachers also assess, grade and evaluate students.  This helps a teacher build a curriculum that will fit the needs of their particular students in any given classroom.  Teachers may do this using various teaching methods.

Elementary school teachers play a key role in the development of children early on while middle or high school teachers go more in depth in the subjects presented earlier.  While an elementary teacher will typically stay in a room of students all day and teach various subjects, middle or high school teachers have a specialty. 

Training requirements may vary from state to state.  This can also depend on the type of school.  Whether it is a private school, college, charter school or public school makes a difference in what the requirements for training of the teacher are. A common thread in public schools is that teachers be licensed. 

In 2006 there were 4 million jobs in education (excluding special education) from Kindergarten to high school.  It is fore-casted that between 2006 and 2016 there will be a 12 percent increase for jobs in education. 

In May of 2006 it was reported that the average pay of teachers was between $43,000 and $48,000 per year.  In the lowest 10% of jobs the wages were as low as $28,000 to $33,000 per year.  According to AFT (the American Federation of Teachers) beginning teachers with a bachelor’s degree earned about $31,000 per year in the 2005-2006 school year. 

To add to their salary teachers can do a number of things.  Further certifications can often yield more pay, coaching sports, working in after school and extra curricular activities, or getting a master’s degree.  A teacher can also be paid more by becoming a mentor.

Teaching Children to Read

I recently read an article about a San Francisco clothing company called Miss Do Gooder who designs clothing to help charitable causes. Their latest effort is teaming up with First Book, a company dedicated to providing new books to children across America and Canada. The t-shirts have a Miss Do-Gooder cartoon character promoting literacy. They will give First Book $2.50, which equates to one new book for a child, for every t-shirt they sell. This article prompted me to check into the well known Hooked on Phonics program and have an article featuring this product on our educationbug.org website.

If we do not prepare our children for school by teaching them how to read we are doing them a terrible disservice as once they do start school they will be at a disadvantage to those whose parents chose to help their child learn how to read. With the student teacher ratios increasing all the time we cannot expect teachers to be the only source of educating our children about reading. Teaching our children to read does not always have to be a chore or a mundane routine of a set time period to sit down and read a book, although this is a great idea to implement as well to get children into the habit of reading. There are great ways to have fun teaching our children to read. There are a ton of learning games you can play with your children and they will not even realize they are being educated in the process.

Education Job Post

Last week we launched our Education and Teaching Job Post on EducationBug.

Administrators and employers can now post education related jobs for free on our directory!

The main landing page is located at www.educationbug.org/jobs/ . We have also posted a link to the section in our top bar navigation of the website and we’ve added a link in the footer as well.

This is a great tool to find employees. We have thousands of visitors EVERY DAY! Users can also associate the job posting with one of the profiles in our website. We are currently working on the function to bridge the navigation so if a web visitor is looking at a profile – they will see a link that says “View Jobs at this School/Library/ETC” which will link directly to a list of jobs in the school, district, college, or library.

All we need now is for you to signup and start posting your teaching jobs or any education related job.

More neat tools coming soon!