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Substitute Teacher Requirements

There is an ever increasing need for substitute teachers. According to the Institute of Substitute Teachers at the University of Utah 10% of all teachers, nationwide, are absent each day. This means that there is a need for over 310,000 substitutes daily across the United States. While the average substitute makes $65 per day and pays for their own lunch this is not motivation to do a really great job. However, substitutes are so necessary.

There have been claims that so many days of the certified teacher being absent is to blame for lower test scores. It is most likely very hard to know this for sure but it makes sense. Only one state requires that substitutes be certified.
Some people really love the profession of substitute teaching because of the flexibility. Seasoned substitutes may come up with some tricks that they use or things that they bring to class that they know will keep the interest of or motivate students. Also, substitutes that have been teaching for a while know that it helps to follow the lesson plans, stop any class disruptions as fast as possible, be consistent and friendly, be fair and when possible really get to know the kids on a first name basis if you are a frequent teacher.
Some things not to do when substituting in a class room are:
  • Don’t yell at the students
  • Don’t ever threaten or scream
  • Don’t ignore those that break the rules
  • Don’t insult the students
  • Don’t just sit at the desk, get up and move about the room
  • Don’t touch a student in anger
  • Don’t be negative
  • Don’t talk about your personal life
  • Don’t talk about the students outside of the school setting