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Patience vs. Patients

Are you aware of the difference between patients vs. patience? Because they are pronounced the same many people do not stop to think about which spelling would be proper to use when writing a sentence. Educationbug.org is here to help you differentiate between patients and patience in our new grammar lesson article titled Patience vs. Patients. I think you will find this article very informative.

To go along with this article we have also posted an article on Homographs. Homographs are word that are spelled the same but pronounced differently, this includes such words as record, address, close, etc…Check it out, there are probably some you never even thought about.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is a great opportunity for High School students to obtain college credit and experience a little bit of college life prior to graduating high school. Concurrent enrollment allows high school students to get take college level courses and get college credit while still enrolled in their high school. There are several different ways in which concurrent enrollment can be accomplished. Visit our latest article on Educationbug.org to get the details.

Also recently posted in our grammar lesson section is an article on sentences. This article covers different parts of a sentence as well as tips to avoid using incomplete or run-on sentences.