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Back to School Giveaway

It is back to school time! To celebrate, EducationBug.org is giving away a starter pack of school supplies. To enter simply Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EducationBug. To increase your chances of winning, you get a second entry when you share our Back to School Giveaway photo, just click the ‘Share’ button under the giveaway photo on our Facebook page. After you have ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ just leave us a comment letting us know, so we can easily keep track of the entries. (This giveaway is only available in the United States.)

Anyone can enter to win: teachers, students, grandparents, or just a good neighbor that wants to donate the supplies to a child or school in his/her neighborhood. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday August 19th and will be posted on our Facebook page. The winner will be tagged in the post and we would request for that person to send us a private message with the name and mailing address of where the gift pack is to be sent so we can get the package out as soon as possible.

Having children prepared with the proper school supplies greatly increases their interest and success in the classroom. Teachers tell of the great joy they see on the faces of the children as they begin a new school year and each student proudly pulls out all their new school supplies. They also mention how heart breaking it is to see a student that does not have the supplies they need. So even if you don’t have a child in need of school supplies, enter to win and donate the supplies to a school in your neighborhood – you can’t even imagine the joy you will create for the child that is in need.


Tax Breaks for Back-to-School Shopping

Here’s a collection of various state’s tax free or tax break days, which many parents are using for back-to-school shopping. State names are linked to more details. Note that Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have a general sales tax, so are not listed. Dates that have passed are noted.

In most cases, residency is not required to participate in these sales, so you can check for neighboring states as well as your own.

* Alabama – August 6–8

* Connecticut – August 15–21

* Florida – August 13–15

* Illinois – August 6–15

* Iowa – August 6–7

* Louisiana – August 6–7

* Maryland – August 8–14

* Massachusetts – August 14–15

* Mississippi – (past) July 29–30 – some cities did not participate

* Missouri – August 6–8

* New Mexico – August 6–8

* North Carolina – August 6–8

* Oklahoma – August 6–8

* South Carolina – August 6–8

* Tennessee – August 6–8

* Texas – August 20–22

* Vermont – (past) March 6

* Virginia – August 6–8

* West Virginia – (residents only; energy efficient appliances, rather than back-to-school) September 1–November 30

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