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Physical Education in Schools

The No Child Left Behind campaign has brought up many hot topics of discussion within the education community. One of those being whether or not we should have more cirriculum during a school day and less recess breaks. First thing I think is, “What? that is every child’s favorite part of school.” Some of my fondest memories are learning how to jump rope, hopscotch, and manuever the monkey bars. How sad that our children may not have these kinds of memory of school.
Secondly, I wonder where these children are going to get any physical exercise. We are already struggling with a huge childhood obesity problem in our country. Certainly cutting out physical activities is only going to make this issue worse. Which will also create more youth who struggle with eating disorders.
Third, sunshine is proven to help improve our moods and keep us healthy and happy. If we lock these kids in a classroom all day are we not just asking to have to deal with more issues in regards to depression?
Which brings me to last but certainly not least, the teachers, how are they going to handle all of these kids in a classroom for so many hours? And what about their recess break? And with more and more children being diagnosed with such things as ADHD, how do you think that will play out? Our children and our teachers are all going to go crazy! As if our teachers do not have enough stress on them already, let’s keep them inside all day with a bunch of young children being forced to sit still, listen, and learn.
Getting rid of recess can certainly not be the only solution.