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Arts in Education

Increasing amounts of recent research show the importance of art in improving students achievements and getting them ready for a job in a world market that demands new and exciting solutions to ever more challenging issues. It is also shown to increase a students engagement in learning and both their social and civic development.

Studies have shown that the arts can have the following benefits on a learner.
  • Improved performance of students that may be struggling.
  • Continuously give already successful students new challenges.
  • Provide job skills and sense of satisfaction to students who are incarcerated leading to a lower rate of second time offenders.
  • Skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic are improved which helps with problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Students become more involved in learning and their schools.
  • Attendance has also been shown to improve.
  • Creates stronger relationships between students and teachers.
  • Allow the child grow creatively and foster curiosity.

Many states support Arts in Education programs and have made them requirements for graduation from high school and parts of standards and assessment tests. One of the pitfalls that art programs run into though is that they are often the first to feel the pain of budget constraints.

There is a growing movement though to keep these programs alive. One that rests on the premise that the purpose of education has a greater responsibility than to just teach basic subject matter. That the arts help students to become life time learners, creates more of a feeling of community, to appreciate other cultures and prepares a student for an ever evolving world.

School Dress Codes

School dress codes are often a topic of debate. Although every school and/or school district has their very own set of specific dress code rules/standards there are a few things that are usually standard or common amongst most schools including:

  • Limited or no sleeveless shirts
  • The midriff cannot be visible
  • Skirts/shorts must meet a certain length requirement
  • Limited piercings
  • No underclothing worn on the outside of clothing
  • No sunglasses indoors
  • No designs, decorations, symbols or words than imply symbolism, racism, profanity etc…

All of these things are considered to be within reasonable guidelines of allowing students to show their individuality yet providing safety and respect for themselves and others around them. All the while providing an education environment that is not distracted by students appearance. There is often the argument that these things may interfere with a students first amendment rights of expression. However, in many cases across the country judges have ruled time after time that although it may limit one form of expression these guidelines are still reasonable.

Starting a Preschool

Starting a Preschool – At EducationBug.org we have many featured articles and here in our blog we like to feature an article or category on occasion. Today, we are featuring our article on how to start a preschool.

This article contains tips on how to organize a group of parents to start a preschool group. There are many types and methods of preschools and lots of things to consider. This gives a brief overview on how to get started.

We also have many other articles on preparing for school as well as many others on various preschool topics. Our series on getting your child ready for school is written by a staffer with a M. Ed. in reading education and licensed teacher in the Vermont education system . They are top notch articles packed with great information for parents of children who are just getting ready to start school.

We also give parents ideas on learning games and how they can make education fun through use of card games and other methods. Learning doesn’t have to be boring anymore! Get your child ready for school by making the process more exciting.

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