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Education Software

There are many different types of education software available.  This article helps define what education software is and offers examples of what teachers, students, and schools can expect to find in education software.  Keep reading to see what type of education software may fit your needs.

What Is Included in Education Software?

Education software refers to any software that has an educational function or a function in education. It includes a wide range of products with different purposes and functions. It can be software used solely by the teacher, shared by teacher and student, or used exclusively by the student.

Teacher-Oriented Education Software

Administrative software helps teachers to keep track of the details of their students’ attendance, activities, accomplishments, and grades. Included in the record-keeping software are programs designed specifically for classroom teachers in public and private schools, homeschool-oriented software, and software that can be used by any teacher. Types of education software for teachers include software for:

• assignment management
• awards and certificates
• diplomas
• high school transcripts
lesson plans
• progress reports
• reading log
• record generator
• report card grading
• resource list
• student data
• teacher’s journal
• track attendance and hours
• weighted grading

Student-Oriented Education Software

Software that students may use to complete assignments include word processing and spreadsheet programs and presentation software, like that found in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), or its counterpart Open Office, or iWork (for Apple computers). Software that is subject specific ranges from game software in which educational material is incorporated to serious study of topics, like the Rosetta Stone software for language learning.  Here is a list of some areas for which student-oriented education software is available:

  • addition and subtraction
  • algebra
  • anatomy
  • art history
  • astronomy
  • Bible study
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • colors and shapes
  • counting
  • English study for non-native speakers
  • foreign language study, such as French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • fractions and decimals
  • geography
  • geometry
  • multiplication and division
  • music appreciation
  • music composition
  • music theory
  • musical instrument instruction
  • phonics
  • physics
  • reading
  • SAT, ACT, and PSAT test preparation
  • social studies
  • spelling
  • the US Constitution
  • thinking skills
  • typing
  • vocabulary
  • weather
  • writing

There is also software available for programming, web design, illustration, architectural design, animation, theater set and costume design, novel writing, and more.

Networked School Software

Some software is designed for deployment on a school network, with the teacher being able to control access, levels, and other items, and students each having access to their own account, that the teacher sets up appropriately for the student’s level of development and knowledge. For example, Sibelius 7 music notation software features a network license option and classroom controls that allow the teacher to manage a computer lab in which students compose music.



Advantages of Public Schools

People who live in the United States have one of the greatest opportunities there are in life, this opportunity is education. Not only do Americans have the opportunity to obtain an education but they are also given a number of choices in the way they wish to receive this education. People in America have the choice whether they want to go to Public School, Private School, Charter School, Christian School, Magnet School, or even be homeschooled. We have had many blog posts offering comparisons of these different options. Today, I would like to take just a moment to compare the advantages of Public Schools versus private schools and homeschools.

A few advantages of Public School vs. Private School:

  • Transportation is often included for no additional cost.
  • No tuition costs.
  • Choice of Public, Magnet, or Charter School.
  • Strict teacher certification rules.
  • Special programs and funding for disabilities and more.

A few advantages of Public School vs. Homeschool:

  • Have a large range of socioeconomic and different backgrounds.
  • Have students with a range of abilities and talents.
  • Number of children in classroom.
  • Funding for equipment and activities.
  • Funding at high school levels allows for sports, arts, and technical programs.
  • Offer a wide variety of social clubs, activities, and sports.

Every person, every family, and every situation is different. What works for one person may not work for another. These articles are provided so you can make an informed decision on what may work best for your family and your situation. The important thing is that we continue to educate our children and ourselves.