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Public School Ratings and Rankings

Did you know that you can post your own public school reviews? We have a neat tool on our site where you can have your opinions heard! Share your experience with your public school review – or any institution in our database!

We want to know the good/bad/pretty/ugly on any school, college, district, or library. Then if you have a blog or website – link to the profile page that you just reviewed on so people can see your thoughts! We only screen for content to make sure there is no vulgar/hate language, but all reviews do get posted if they have actual content related to the page.

Also, if our database doesn’t include the website of your favorite school or library – you can now submit it for review. We verify each site to make sure it goes to the right place! We don’t want any of our visitors to end up on the wrong page…this way – you can help others find the right website.

At EducationBug.org – we want to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing and what we should do to improve our site. All comments are read and taken into consideration for future development meetings and you could have the next great idea. What’s next for our website? Well, we are working on creating a forum for parents, students, and educators to get together and discuss education issues and topics. This will be a great tool for people to exchange ideas!

We’ll keep you posted…

EducationBug Staff