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Friends of the Library

Although Friends of the Library sounds like an informal title, it actually refers to numerous non-profit organizations across the United States. These organizations operate to support public libraries by gaining access to funds, volunteers, and expertise. However, the roles of friends of the Library go far beyond this, as their members work as advocates for reading, education, and library use.

Friends of the Library provide various programs to initiate library support. They may host art exhibits, concerts, or book signings to raise awareness about the importance of libraries and the need for community involvement. In addition, public speakers, slide shows, book clubs are sponsored by Friends of the Library in efforts to gain much needed library assistance.

Also, Friends of the Library are responsible for numerous fund raisers that provide for library needs. Book sales are often used to supply proceeds for local libraries. Plus, library funding may also be earned by bake sales, grant writing, silent auctions, capital campaigns, and efforts to solicit donations from fellow supporters. The funds raised from these events are used to update and enrich library resource, and stand as an important part of a library’s revenue.

Additional services provided by Friends of the Library include campaigning for government funding, especially during election season, and promoting public involvement. Friends of the Library also support local, cultural, and educational programs, while encouraging others to pursue careers in writing or as librarians. They even provide grants to individuals who are pursuing a degree in library science.

Each October, Friends of the Library are celebrated with an annual Friends of the Library week. People are encouraged to join their organizations and provide volunteer work that ensures the growth and future of public libraries.

Disperse vs Disburse

If you are in a crowd and that crowd scatters, did the crowd disperse or disburse? Were you aware that these were two different words with two different meanings? There are many words in the English language that are very similar in spelling and very similar in meaning, disburse and disperse are two such words. We recently posted an article titled Disburse vs. Disperse in which we compare and define both of these words, as well as give you tips on how to remember which word is more appropriate to use in a given situation.
Educationbug.org has many fun and interesting grammar lessons for everyone. You can also find an amazing amount of detailed information on schools, public libraries, and colleges across our nation.

Internet in Public Libraries

As the internet era began in the early 1990′s (less than 20 years ago, wow) there was a growing concern about how many people would be able to afford to be a part of this new digital world. Hence, in 1996 President Clinton launched the “KickStart Initiative” which was a campaign designed to bring the internet to America’s most established institutuions, namely public schools and public libraries. This program has provided America with a great start to making sure we do not create a “digital division” amongst our nation.

However, as technology continues to change and grow it is important that we grow along with it. Many of our public libraries do not have the funding to have the most up to date computers or the fastest servers which can create a number of issues for the libraries as well as the people who need to use these computers. Many libraries are limited on how many computers they have and the ones they do have take a great deal of time for someone to complete what they need to do. Most libraries have time limits of 30 or 60 minutes to try to alleviate some of the problems. However, this does not allow enough time to say build a resume online, research a project, or complete an online college exam.

Last week the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced they would be contributing $7 million to Connected Nation, and others, to help seven states improve their internet service and speed in hopes they can “ensure that all people have the chance to connect to information, education, and economic opportunity”. Please click the links below to learn more about public libraries in these states: (Indicates how many public libraries in each state)
Arkansas (213)
California (1132)
Kansas (379)
Texas (855)
Virginia (374)
Massachusetts (490)
New York (1094)