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Charter Schools in the News

When you see a news article such as “Despite Push, Success at Charter Schools Is Mixed” in the New York Times, it may get you thinking about charter schools. But the way this article is written, you aren’t given the background on what a charter school is until a good part of the way through the article. This is one of the times when you may find Educationbug.org useful.

We have articles on basic types of schools, of which charter schools are one. You can find an article that explains the background of charter schools titled “Public Schools vs. Charter Schools.” The article helps clarify that, although many people may think charter schools are private schools, they are actually a type of public school.

On Educationbug.org, you can also find explanatory articles about other types of school, including public schools, private schools, Christian schools, and homeschools. In any case when you see a news story about an education issue involving a specific type of school and want to get a little background, check out the Education Bug school articles.

Free Homeschooling Curriculum

Which type of homeschool curriculum is right for your student and your family? This is a question that homeschooling families ask themselves every year. And depending on the year, the student and the needs of your family you may need a different type of curriculum each year. The great thing about homeschool is that you can tailor things to meet the needs that you have.

While some people are converted to a “boxed” homeschool curriculum (where a company sends you everything you need for the year in boxes) it is not always possible to afford this for each student. If you have four children and you need curriculum for each you can get charged around $1200 per student/per year for boxed curriculum. This can really add up considering that you will still have to buy some of your own supplies and science project materials.

Free homeschooling curriculum is a viable option for many people. Not only is it extremely flexible but the price is always right. No matter where you live or what your economic needs are this is a solutions for you and your family. It is also nice to know you can supplement any other curriculum for little or no money.

There are so many resources for free homeschool curriculum. Just look around your community, the library, your local schools (public schools and private schools) and if you are just a little creative you can make learning opportunities at every turn.

Shopping for School Clothes and Uniforms

This time of year is when parents do the bulk of clothes shopping for the children to get them ready for school. Whether you have a child in public school, private school, or homeschool them you have choices to make. Your child’s school may require uniforms and they may lesson the arguments about what your child is allowed to where but then you also have to buy uniforms on top of everyday clothing. This can ease some stress and then add some stress and cost to the equation. Either way most parents, teachers and students would agree that clothing is a subject where a lot of peer pressure comes into play.

School uniform requirements are a hot topic that is much debated. We will just provide a brief section for the pros of uniforms and one for the cons of uniforms.

Pros of School Uniforms:

  • Uniforms take the guess work out of setting guidelines of appropriate school attire.
  • The students clearly know what is expected of them, there is no room for interpretation.
  • Students and parents are less worried about fashion trends and can more readily focus on why they are at school.
  • Students appear as equals in every way. This eliminates social classes and cliques. It also keeps any gang related clothing articles out of the school. These things all create a feeling of unity in the school.
  • Students are easily identifiable on field trips.

Cons of School Uniforms:

  • Students lose their freedom of expression in regards to dress and outward appearance on some level due to uniform requirements.
  • Students do not see the real world at school, identifying that we are not all alike or have the same taste but that we can all get along.
  • It may not be right to teach conformity in school as a way to avoid problems with each other.
  • Students are not able to dress for their body type and so may not look their best in school uniforms that may be unflattering. Especially for teens and tweens, this can be hard on their self esteem.
  • Cost – parents may not have the money for new uniforms every time they are needed or when the school changes a uniform requirement. This excludes children which should never happen at school if possible.
  • Not allowing children to wear their own clothing will not prevent gangs, clicks or how students choose to express themselves in other ways. With the expression in how they dress taken away, they may find an alternative way that is not much better.

The debate can go on and on about school uniforms or what is appropriate for school dress codes.

Extracurricular Activities

As we begin a new school year many parents are looking at having one of more children involved in band, choir, cheerleading, sports, school clubs, private music or dance lessons, and these are just a few of things that take up a student’s extra time.

Extracurricular activites are wonderful for children. They enrich the lives of the student, their families and in turn our communities. These activities create well rounded children who learn what their interests and talents are because they have been exposed to such opportunities. The great thing is that most schools and communities offer many things for students and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune for parents. We all know just how expensive having multiple children in classes is. It can be a shock.

Here are a few extracurricular activities that parents may want to look into on their student’s behalf. These can be used for homeschool, private school, or public school students.

  • School sports – starting in middle school kids are usually permitted and encouraged to play organized sports. This can be a great motivator for some students as the schools usually require a minimum grade point average to allow students to play. For some students this is reason enough to do the homework and score well on exams.
  • Music and arts – there are many studies that prove that music involvement improves test scores in students. Statistics also show that children involved in music and other arts are less likely to get involved in things such as drugs, alcohol, sexual activity and truancy. Instruments and supplies are usually rented at a nominal fee depending on your needs. These are also activities that are usually offered through the school as electives which means that parents don’t have to pay for private lessons but can choose to if they choose.
  • School clubs – some parents don’t view clubs, sports or music things at school as extracurricular but they are. Anything that does not cover core subjects in school and can take time after school is considered extracurricular. School clubs offer opportunities for leadership that student’s don’t otherwise have. These clubs are also another way for students to find a peer group in which they have something in common with the members. It is like having built in friends with the same interests as you.
  • Community involvement (after school activities)- this can be Little League, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and other types of involvement. These organizations all give students a huge boost of self confidence while helping them to contribute to society and be part of a group with a common goal.

These are just a few of the things that children can look forward to. Parents will most likely know what the student’s needs are and what is age appropriate (use a school counselor if you need input). It is also important for parents to understand the importance of not overscheduling children. While we all want well rounded, independent members of society, we do not want students that are full of stress and anxiety. Parents should listen to what their children want while helping them to reach outside of their comfort zones as appropriate.

Christian Homeschool

Is Christian homeschooling a good thing, or a bad thing? There are many who debate this issue. Well, there are many who debate homeschool vs. public school being a good/bad thing too, but that is a whole other story.
People who choose to use a Christian homeschool curriculum usually choose to do so because they feel it is important to educate their children in religion as well as math, English, science etc…Public schools are not allowed to teach religion or to allow students to pray. The only other option open to parents who want their child to be taught Christianity is to send them to a private school. Private Christian schools are often very expensive and not always close enough to consider commuting to. By homeschooling the parents are also able to help shelter their children from negative influences, drugs, alcohol, and other religious beliefs.
These very things are part of the reason some people feel there are more cons to Christian homeschooling than pros to homeschooling. They feel if the students are never put in a position to stand up for their beliefs, or put in a position to say “No” to negative influences then they are going to have difficulty when as adults they enter a more mainstream society.
These are just a few of the issues regarding Christian Homeschool. For more information see our most recently posted article at educationbug.org.

Learning Styles

Have you ever noticed that people learn or comprehend things in different ways, methods, or styles? What learning style do you feel you are better able to understand? Do you learn better from reading information in a text book, hands-on experience, or having someone explain it to you? Or have you ever even thought about it? Have you ever considered the learning style of your child, how his/her teacher chooses to teach, does your child’s school curriculum allow them to be educated in the same style?

Perhaps these are questions you have never stopped to consider. But when it comes to your education or your child’s education, learning styles are something to consider. Whether your education comes from a private school or public school, if you are able to identify your best learning style and understand that it is easier for you, or your child, to learn by a specific method these things you can help you work with your teachers to make sure you get the most out of what is being taught.

We are starting a new series on learning styles and methods that are interesting and have a lot of useful information.

Colorado Schools

Our Popular Texas ISD (Independent School District) blog has been so popular and had so many great comments about how helpful it was that we have decided to continue these blogs as a series. If we do not cover your city, state, county, school district, or specific school you may always go to our education.bug website and on the right hand side of the page we have the information you are looking for.

I have decided to focus on ISD’s in Colorado this time.

1. Denver ISD– This county has over 145 school districts and is located at 900 Grant Street Denver, CO 80203-2996. You can reach them by phone at – 303-764-3200.

2. Colorado Springs ISD– Is located in El Paso County, Colorado at 1115 North EL Paso Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903-2599. Their phone number is 719-520-2000. Within Colorado Springs they have 8 school districts, 152 public schools, 45 private schools, 17 colleges, and 7 libraries.

3. Pueblo ISD- Has 38 schools in this district with about 18,000 students grades K-12. They are located at 315 West 11th Street Pueblo, CO 81003-2804 and can be reached by phone at 719-549-7100.

4. Boulder ISD– Although not far out of Denver is often searched for. They seem to continue to steadily grow. They are up to having 53 schools within their district (33 public, 18 private, and 6 colleges) They are located at 6500 Arapahoe Avenue Boulder, CO 80303 in Broomfield county. They can be contacted at 303-447-1010.

If we did not mention the school district you are interested in please feel free to visit our Colorado education directory where you can search them alphabetically:

School Districts by Name
School Districts A-I
School Districts J-R
School Districts S-Z

or if you do not know the name by district you may also search: School Districts by City
School Districts by City A-I
School Districts by City J-R
School Districts byS-Z

There is an amazing amount of information on each school such as how many girls/boys, student/teacher ratios, maps and much much more.

California Schools

I recently posted an article about year round school statistics. There are a number of great reasons why year round school is the best option. Just to name a few:
*Children retain information better when they have several short breaks vs. a 3 month vacation.
*If you plan vacations during these breaks they are not usually when every other school in the nation is trying to go to the same hot spots which will save you money and help avoid crowds and long lines.
*It is easier to find daycare services for small children for short periods of time vs. summer time when many programs fill up.

In my research I found California is leading the nation by far in year round schooling with over 1,300 schools that participate in year round schooling. Which has prompted me to share more information about California schools.
At our website http://www.educationbug.org/ we have loads of information on nearly every school in every state. This is a great resource for anyone who is looking into what options are available for education in California schools. We have categorized the schools into groups such as; California Public Schools, California Private Schools, California School Districts, California Public Libraries, California Colleges, and California Universities.

Within each category you have the option to search for a school within any city, county, or even by the name of the school and type. Within these links you will be able to find specific statistics, reviews, maps, contact information, and much more on each individual school.

And if you are not sure whether you want your children to attend a public school, private school, a charter school, or even thinking about homeschooling you will find our articles that compare what these different types of schools have to offer very interesting.

Violence, Grammar, and Private School

Since our last post we’ve posted a number of articles on EducationBug.org.

NOTICE!!! We need your help! Spread the word by doing a review of our site on your blog! We would like to get more active users on our site to help expand certain sections such as the jobs, resources, and addition of private schools.

We posted another grammar lesson in our series for those who are following the set – check out the new article on Passed vs. Past. These articles are very helpful to those in ESL or for younger students who are struggling with certain mistakes in the English language. We have about 30-40 more to post so we’ll keep adding as we can!

Also new this week – a comparison of private schools vs. charter schools – a must read for those who are in the debate of which school to choose for your child. We also have a number of articles that will come in a series on comparisons of school types. These will include public vs. private, magnet vs. charter, and a batch which will include higher education comparisons.

We also have a number of articles on a variety of school issues. These are sensative subjects that experts disagree on or there is a constant struggle to address the issue. This week we posted a school issue article on school violence. There are alarming statistics that each educator, parent, and administrator schould be aware. School bullying and school violence are similar, but they are also very different – know the causes of each and spot the warning signs early to prevent problems.

Our last article posted this week is one for those pondering the question: Why go to graduate school? – For some, the decision is easy, and for others, very difficult. Find the pros/cons and the statistics on graduate school in this well written article.

Featured state: Alabama Education – find Alabama private schools, public schools, and colleges.

We hope you enjoy our last set of posted articles. Thanks for visiting our site!