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Survey Results, Old and New

Today, we have a glimpse at our new survey results on the role that education played in influencing people’s voting choices in the midterm elections, as well as a look back at our survey on the success the Obama administration has achieved in the area of education, which has gained quite a few more responses since our report at the end of August.

First, let’s take a look back. Here is a chart showing the preliminary results on the August survey, the intended-to-be final report at the end of August, and the current figures. As before, obscene remarks have been deleted, while “Other” response that are related to education, but not clearly “yes” or “no” have been allowed to stand, but not included in the “yes” or “no” count.

Notice that while the results were similar overall during August (approximately 3/4 voting “No” and 1/4 voting “Yes,” the proportions now are closer to 2/3 “No” and 1/3 “Yes.”

In this second summary chart, the responses have been ranked. Notice that while the “No” answers were ranked 1, 2, and 3 at the end of August, they are back to being 1, 2, and 5, with “Yes” answers taking 3rd and 4th place, as they did in mid-August.

Here, now is a first look at our November survey results. If you haven’t yet shared your response with us, please don’t forget to vote here!

Glad, for once, to see 0% in a poll!

Election Day, 2010 Survey Announced

Election Day brought mixed results in a lot of respects, both nationally and locally, and left us with a Congress and President who are going to need to have a conversation and compromise in order to move forward.

As many Americans are reflecting on what led to these results and what the road ahead holds, we want to take a look at the election from the standpoint of education.

Please take our one-question survey to let us know about the role education issues played in your voting in these mid-term elections. There are six set answers and—as always—an opportunity to provide an answer and explanation under “Other.”

You can take the survey right here on the site or go to Survey Monkey

Going back to our August survey on the Obama Administration, which I reported results for on August 31, people have continued to vote. When I wrote up the report, there had been 167 usable votes. Now, there are 457.

The question was: Do you think the Obama administration and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are doing a good job of leading the country in the right direction with education?

It seems like a lot of people continue to have something to say, so I’ll be doing another report next week, providing the new totals, and comparing the percentages from August 31 with the current picture.

Will the favored answer from August 31—

No, the federal government should be moving towards less involvement in education, rather than more.—

which received 27.5% of the vote, remain the favorite?

Visit next week to see the updated results. In the meantime, don’t forget the current survey.