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Benefits of Online Education

There are many benefits of online education for students of any age. While many may think that the benefits of online education are just for college students, that is no longer with the case with increases in educational technology. Now, students just entering kindergarten to high school students can also take advantage of the benefits of online education. Keep reading to find out more about how to find online education programs that are perfect for you or your child to be able to enroll in the benefits of online education.

Many can get an education online now with various courses that are available via the Internet. Homeschool students especially can take advantage of the benefits of online education with many of their classes. These online educational opportunities can be used as the entire homeschooling curriculum or can be used to supplement courses taught by parents or tutors. To further look into these options, it is important to check out options that are offered by an accredited institution in order to make sure the online school and course list are legitimate. It is important to check with your state department of education to make sure the online courses match whatever state requirements there are in order to receive credit for the course.

When it comes to online education for high school students, there are many benefits of online education. High school students are required to have so many credits in order to graduate. There are times when a student might fail the class the first time, or a required class might be difficult to work with the student’s schedule. This is the perfect opportunity for students to take the class online in order to make up the credit or take the course on their own time so that it works with their class schedules. Students might also want to take an online course that is not offered at their high school like a foreign language or skills course. Getting to take these added courses are just part of the benefits of online education. Through online courses, high school students also have the option to take more advanced preparatory classes or college courses during high school to earn college credit early. Just be sure to check out the credentials of the online school to ensure the courses are legitimate and will qualify for college credits upon transfer to a community college or university.

For online education and college students, most colleges or universities offer a plethora of courses that can be taken at any time by the student. This is great for distance learning when the college student cannot afford to live on campus or to drive to school every day. Many college students also have to work full-time in order to afford their college education. Courses can be difficult to schedule around a work schedule, which is why the benefits of online education greatly extend to college students in this type of a situation. Online education during the summer semester to make up missing credits is also one of the great benefits of online education.

In addition to college students, high school and home school students, those who are wishing to simply learn new information or expand their knowledge base can greatly benefit from an online education. There are many reasons why a person should take advantage of the benefits of online education including:

  • Convenience and flexibility. Students with jobs or families find school difficult because it is hard to work around preexisting schedules. With the benefits of online education, this is no longer an issue.
  • Pacing. Online education allows a student to work more at their own pace compared to that of traditional classes.
  • Lack of commute. This is great for students who don’t live close to a college or university, or for those home-schooled students.
  • More choices. There are more choices when it comes to variety of courses and subjects than traditional schooling.

Overall, there are many benefits of online education that anyone can take advantage of while pursuing their education. It is important to remember to check out each online school to ensure they are legitimate and that the courses offered will count toward the high school curriculum or college credits.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is any form of education that is done anywhere but “on site”. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that distance learning “is a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both. Basically you can create an educational experience that is just as good as in a school with distance learning. If there is any time that the student has to appear at a bricks and mortar location for testing, or anything else having to do with the education, it is no longer considered distance learning but it is considered a hybrid or blended method of education. Because of the Internet and other technology advancements we are seeing a growing trend in distance learning.

When using today’s technology there are different ways of categorizing the delivery method of the educational curriculum. When you have a group of people online at the same time as in a web conference or virtual classroom it is considered synchronous. When the curriculum is available online but not dependent on others to be involved at the same time it is considered asynchronous.

Forms of synchronous technology are: web based VoIP, video conferencing, web conferencing and telephone. Forms of asynchronous technology are CD/cassettes, email, message forums, printed materials including text books, voice mail, fax, DVD/videocassette.

Some schools offer 100% online education and online curriculum. Others may use correspondence through regular mail. There are also those that provide curriculum on DVD or CD-ROM, PC/Mobile learning, and radio or television. With technology there are no limits to what can be done from a distance.

Some of the benefits of distance learning are:

  • Accessibility – if students can’t attend a traditional schooling environment because of their location, career or other reasons this is a great option because you can never live too far away and you don’t have to switch schools when you move.
  • Life long learning – because of the ease of distance learning and how many it can reach it promotes life long learning.
  • Exposure to new technology – those who take part in distance learning may be part of technology that otherwise they would not be exposed to.

Online Safety

Parents often think of their child’s safety when they are playing sports, learning to walk, or drive a car but sometimes online safety is overlooked. In many cases our children have more exposure to computers and know more about how the internet works than some of their parents or school teachers. Many schools even offer online education options. We obviously can’t be with our children every minute of every day nor can we watch over their shoulder every time they get on the computer. But we can talk to our children about online safety and we can do a number of things to help lessen any safety issues that may come about while they are online.
We recently posted an article offering tips on how parents and educators can keep help keep our children/students safe while online.

Online Education

It is incredible how much education the internet provides for us. Not only can we search for answers to most any question but we can also find out about what is happening around the world. The internet has also become a great gateway for education. Many high schools offer college courses that are broadcast live via the internet from universities. Many colleges and universities are offering more and more options to take online courses vs. attend traditional classrooms. Which is opening up a college education to many people with busy schedules that do not fit in regular day time classes. Businesses worldwide are able to save a lot of money by offering webinars instead of flying their employees to a conference and supplying them with transportation, hotels, and meals. Home schools nationwide are flourishing and have so many wonderful options right at their fingertips.

The opportunities for higher education online are nearly endless. If you are not currently taking advantage of these options or would like to know more read our recent article about online education.