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Number Lines

Do you remember learning about number lines in elementary school, and think when will I ever use this? Then in jr. high and high school you learned about them again, and did you think when will I ever use this? Then when you got into college did you realize maybe you should have been paying attention all those years before because now you need to know what a number line is and how it works in order to do your college math lessons? OH, wait! Did you think you would never need a number line after college?
Ok, I have never been really good at math. I feel I am pretty good with numbers, memorizing numbers, remembering numbers, picking out random order, that sort of thing. But I have always done just ok when it comes to calculus or advanced algebra. But, I was recently having a problem with my vehicle and the mechanic (another adult) was trying to explain input and output of something to do with my vehicle which was creating a problem. It was not making any sense to me what-so-ever. I asked the same question in as many ways as I could think of, and the mechanic in return explained it in as many ways as he could think of. Both of us naturally getting frustrated, when my daughter spoke up and said, “Mom, think of it as a number line…” Hmmmmm, now that made sense.
If you ever think that you will never, ever in your entire life, use something that you are taught over and over again, maybe just maybe, you should consider that perhaps you are being taught that for a reason.
Education comes in all types and forms. We try to educate our children and eventually they teach us a thing or two.