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New Article on Preparing Students for College

We are pleased to announce the posting of a new article, “Preparing Students for College” on our website.

College preparation may seem to start junior year of high school, when admissions tests are taken and college applications are prepared. But there is a great deal that can be done and is important to do earlier, and this may take both parents and students by surprise if they are unaware, say, if it is the first time a family member is attending college, or the first time in this generation that a child is applying to college.

The article covers seven important steps that can help students prepare for college:

• Choice of coursess.

• Application of effort throughout high school.

• Preparation for and taking standardized tests.

• Participation in extracurricular activities.

• Gaining work experience.

• Contributing to community service.

• Developing persuasive writing ability.

You can find the new article here.