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Grammar Lessons – It’s vs. Its

Recently, we have been updating our English Grammar Lessons on EducationBug.org.

Currently we have a good batch of lessons on our site and will continue to add more. Right now – our most popular is it’s vs. its . It features the usage of each and the definition. So if you’re wondering if you should use its or it’s – check out the page to find out! It’s is a contraction and its is a third person singular possessive adjective.

We also have many other lessons such as:
You’re vs. Your
Me vs. Myself – includes any uses of me, myself, and I.
as well as a few related to common misspellings and misuses like:
affect vs. effect
lose vs. loose

BLOG UPDATE: We just added a new article: A vs. An

We have about 50 more lessons to post and we’ll be adding them to our site as we have time and our article writers get them into us. They are very high quality resources – if you have a website or blog – we’d appreciate a link to the lessons landing page or anyone of the individual articles. This will help educate others on proper grammar.

At EducationBug.org we are also working on a math lesson series to help understand the various terms and concepts. This will be an excellent resource to those needing some brush up on simple math, geometry, algebra, and more!

Thanks for visiting our site!