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Importance of Nursery Rhymes

One of your earliest memories might be of singing Ring Around the Rosy or chanting along to Humpty Dumpty. However, many parents do not know that the origination’s of these classic nursery rhymes actually go back hundreds of years and may have negative beginnings. For example, the source of the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty is said to relate to a failed security blockage during the English Civil War about 450 years ago. Along that same idea, the Ring Around the Rosy chant is actually believed to have been derived during the time of the plague when children and adults were continually dying from the rampant disease. However, despite the somewhat dark beginnings to these popular nursery rhymes, there is no denying the importance of nursery rhymes and teaching them to your children.

Benefits and importance of nursery rhymes:

There are several different reasons why parents should not forget the importance of teaching their children nursery rhymes. Not only are they a fun and interactive way for parents and children alike, they are a great way to teach your child both mentally and physically. The repetition of hearing the same lines within the stories over and over is a great way to build your child’s memory capabilities as well as expose them to new words and sentence formulations. Many parents will begin teaching their children nursery rhymes during infancy to help expose them to this new experience with literacy (see literacy statistics). Physically speaking, even a baby can benefit from the importance of nursery rhymes. Because smaller infants and toddlers are still developing their gross and fine motor skills, learning how to interact with a book by opening it, turning the pages and closing it, they can work on developing those skills even more. By experiencing nursery rhymes through sound or visually on a DVD or TV program, children also get the opportunity to expand those same learning experiences both visually and orally. Many children may enjoy chanting and singing the nursery rhymes together along with other children. These nursery rhymes are a great way for children to do something together and learn with one another. Nursery rhymes may also be a way for even shyer children to get used to singing, dancing and performing.

Other benefits of teaching your children nursery rhymes can include the fact that it does help our society hold on to these parts of our culture – no matter how strange the origin. This is something that grandparents, parents and children can share with one another. Because nursery rhymes are so popular, many children who don’t even know each other will still have these in common. They may meet another child at daycare or at in preschool and kindergarten and they immediately have something in common with them because they share the knowledge of these nursery rhymes. If parents want to know more about how they can share these nursery rhymes with their children, be sure to check out our full post on www.educationbug.org.