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College Savings Plans

The best time to start planning for your child’s college education is NOW. Whether your child is an infant, an elementary student, or not far from starting college, it is not to late to start a college savings plan. The best gift you can ever give your child is the gift of an education, his/her future may depend on it. There are a number of ways you can choose to invest in your child’s education. In a recent article posted on educationbug.org many of these options are defined, such as Roth IRA’s, prepaid tuition plans, mutual savings bonds, U.S. saving bonds, and more. It may seem that you have an eternity to save and plan before your child will be old enough to attend college, but trust me, the passing time of your child growing up seems to go by faster than any other aspect of time in life, so start now.

On a side note, educationbug also posted a grammar lesson article defining and comparing the words Eminent, Imminent, and Immanent. I always find these articles interesting and informative, and hope you do too.