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Finding Homeschool Laws

Are you interested in homeschooling but are not sure of the homeschooling laws or requirements for your state? You may want to start by going to your state’s web site for their education department. Division names usually vary by state, some of the common state education division names are:

State Education Department
Department of Education
Department of Education and Early Development
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Department of Public Instruction
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Department of Education and Cultural Affairs
Education Agency
Office of Education

Some websites are more difficult than others to navigate or find the homeschooling information you may be looking for. If you are not able to quickly find the information on their web site, you may search their site further by:
Doing a search for “home school” or “home study” within the site.
You may also look for options like nonpublic schools, which cover homeschooling in some states;
Look for links to such items as legislation or forms
Look for Contact Us (often found as a tab at the top of the page or a link at the bottom of the page) to find a phone number, mailing address, or an e-mail address.

If you plan to educate your children from home finding out your local laws is a very important step.