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Homeschool Psychology

Psychology is about human behaviors and what dictates it. Learning how the human mind works offers answers to life’s questions that we naturally seek, providing explanations for what motivates people to take certain actions and how to be happy. Plus, psychology is a science with a long history of contributers that demonstrate the different processes of experimenting and research. In recent years, teaching psychology has become part of the curriculum for most high school educations. However, in the past, studying psychology wasn’t a requirement. So, many homeschooling parents find it difficult to teach this subject that they have never studied themselves.

Before beginning a homeschool study program for psychology, it is important to do some research and consider all options. Check with your state’s Department of Education for their guidelines relating to the subject. Also, consider that while there are many text books and modules available for homeschool psychology, there are also online courses available as an alternative. Many of those online programs that are provided through accredited intstitutions provide Advanced Placement classes for psychology, helping high school students earn college credit for their work.

Additionally, many of today’s public highschools welcome homeschooled students to learn some of their subjects in a public education classroom. If parents have explored possible homeschool curriculums for teaching psychology and still don’t feel adequate in their abilities to teach the subject, utilizing the public education system may be another good option. Psychology is an important part of high school education and should be emphasized in the same manner as other subjects.


Homeschool is defined as an alternative form of education that takes place in the student’s home and not in a traditional school setting. In some states homeschool is actually considered to be a private school. The reasons why parents choose to homeschool their students range from opposition to school curriculum, the ability to add religious teachings into a students education, concerns about school violence, a desire to give the student more one on one instructional time, and at times to avoid some negative social aspects that come with a traditional school setting.

Homeschooling is quickly on the rise but getting firm numbers in regards to this is a challenge. There are some homeschool families that willingly give information about their families and other that think that the government should stay out of their right to educate their children as they see fit. Regardless, we do know that the numbers are quickly rising and the most recent statistics show that parents were worried about school safety. There are homeschool statistics that state that in 2007 there were reportedly 1,500,000 homeschooled students. In 1999 there were 850,000 students that were reported. This is an amazing amount of growth.
Every state has different requirements for homeschoolers. To find the homeschool laws for your state you should contact your Department of Education.
The main arguments involved in homeschool vs. public school are that of socialization and of state standardized testing. There are no studies to show that either of these really makes a difference in how well a homeschooled students does.

Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum

If your child is just starting school you may be considering public school vs. homeschool and trying to decide which one would best suit the needs of your child. There are many things to consider when deciding to homeschool. One of the biggest things you need to educate yourself on is the homeschool laws for your state. The big thing to know is what homeschool curriculum is required by your state. We recently posted an article, “Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum“, which can assist you with who to contact and what questions to ask.

It is important to also add social experiences for your children while homeschooling. Some great ways to do this is incorporate field trips into your curriculum. You can also plan activities or go to public events and allow them to take a friend along.

Homeschool can be a fun and exciting way for the family to learn and play together!

Homeschool Activities

Public schools often have more resources for teachers to plan and carry out activities. Sometimes coming up with new fresh ideas for homeschool activities, that integrate learning a specific subject and having fun while doing it, can be challenging. In our most recent article we have fun exciting ways to include activities while learning about reading, math, and science.

Homeschoolers may also find articles about extra curricular activities, homeschool laws, setting up a homeschool schedule, and much more. We have an entire series of homeschool articles that we will be posting on a regular basis so bookmark educationbug.org to keep up on fresh information.