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Johnny Appleseed Day

Although it is one of the lesser known holidays in March, Johnny Appleseed Day on March 11, is a great day to educate children about Johnny Appleseed and his love of planting trees along roads in Pennsylvania and New York. Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman, but after arriving in Ohio to continue spreading seeds along the Ohio River, he became known as Johnny Appleseed.
Johnny Appleseed is known for building tree nurseries, and would sell his trees for barter. That is how Johnny became known for his poor choice of dress. Johnny Appleseed would give away the nicer clothes he received and would don the worst of the clothing he received. This is why Johnny Appleseed is imagined by historians as wearing rags and a pot on his head, although this was not actually the case. He did however go without shoes in the summertime to preserve leather.
Johnny Appleseed had a deep love of trees as well as animals and the rest of nature. Johnny Appleseed spread life love and his love of the Christian gospel as his work as a missionary. Johnny Appleseed Day is actually celebrated twice a year, on both March 11 and September 26. The reason behind celebrating this holiday twice per year is because historians are conflicted as to whether the day should be celebrated on the day of his death (March 11) or his birth (September 26.) As a result, the holiday comes twice a year.
Learning about Johnny Appleseed and incorporating a fun project for any home or school project is a great way to spice up the history curriculum.
  • Teach your children about the history surrounding Johnny Appleseed and his love for trees and spreading this love to other areas of the country.
  • You may also teach your children about Johnny Appleseed day by incorporating apples into your meals and snack throughout the day with an apple pie in honor of Johnny Appleseed’s love of planting trees.
  • Another way to celebrate is to have your children dress up as Johnny Appleseed. Go barefoot in the house and dress up in their older, rattier clothes.
  • Or celebrate Johnny Appleseed day by helping the children plant a tree in your yard. Encourage the children to observe this unique holiday by spreading the love of nature like Johnny Appleseed.

Recommended Education Websites for Homeschooling

Homeschooling, also called home education or home learning, is when a parent/guardian chooses to educate their child/children at home. Most often the homeschool curriculum is taught by the parent but on some occasions the family may choose to hire a tutor or participate in some type of homeschool co-op, where a number of families pool their resources to provide additional learning opportunities for their children. Homeschooling can be provided for children ranging in age from prek thru high school.

There are a number of great homeschooling resources online. Some of the best sites we have found that provide a lot of useful articles, material, and other information about homeschooling include the following:

Let’s Homeschool is a great website that was created by homeschooling parents to help fellow homeschoolers. The Let’s Homeschool site features articles on: Homeschooling Resources, Starting a Homeschool, K12 Homeschool, Homeschool Organization, Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschooling Subjects, Types of Homeschools, Comparing Homeschools, Homeschool Support Groups, Special Needs Homeschooling, and Curriculum Reviews. This is a very comprehensive databases of homeschooling information and the simple site navigation makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Click HERE to visit Let’s Homeschool now.

Homeschool.com is another great resource for a huge variety of homeschool resources. They offer everything from a “Getting Started eKit” to advanced homeschooling lessons for kids who need a little more than the basic curriculum. They also offer some great free stuff, including printables that you can use for your homeschool lessons. Another great feature of the Homeschool.com site is their forum, this allows homeschoolers to communicate and share ideas and information with each other.

Homeschoolingis a blog that features Homeschool articles, Homeschool Curriculum information, Issues & Debates about homeschooling, a specific section on Preschool/Kindergarten, and a Resources section. This is a great site because it is real information from real people that have been involved in homeschooling for a number of years and know what works and what doesn’t. Get more info here.

Homeschool Worldis a fun homeschool site that features a lot of homeschool events in TN, SC, OH, and PA. They also have contests that homeschoolers can participate in and a community forum where you can discuss everything homeschool related.

These are just a few of the education websites we recommend for some great homeschooling education resources. Whether you are just considering homeschooling as an option and want more information or if you have been a homeschooler for years and just want to see what is new, these sites offer a ton of great information and resources.

Homeschool Psychology

Psychology is about human behaviors and what dictates it. Learning how the human mind works offers answers to life’s questions that we naturally seek, providing explanations for what motivates people to take certain actions and how to be happy. Plus, psychology is a science with a long history of contributers that demonstrate the different processes of experimenting and research. In recent years, teaching psychology has become part of the curriculum for most high school educations. However, in the past, studying psychology wasn’t a requirement. So, many homeschooling parents find it difficult to teach this subject that they have never studied themselves.

Before beginning a homeschool study program for psychology, it is important to do some research and consider all options. Check with your state’s Department of Education for their guidelines relating to the subject. Also, consider that while there are many text books and modules available for homeschool psychology, there are also online courses available as an alternative. Many of those online programs that are provided through accredited intstitutions provide Advanced Placement classes for psychology, helping high school students earn college credit for their work.

Additionally, many of today’s public highschools welcome homeschooled students to learn some of their subjects in a public education classroom. If parents have explored possible homeschool curriculums for teaching psychology and still don’t feel adequate in their abilities to teach the subject, utilizing the public education system may be another good option. Psychology is an important part of high school education and should be emphasized in the same manner as other subjects.

Free Homeschooling Curriculum

Which type of homeschool curriculum is right for your student and your family? This is a question that homeschooling families ask themselves every year. And depending on the year, the student and the needs of your family you may need a different type of curriculum each year. The great thing about homeschool is that you can tailor things to meet the needs that you have.

While some people are converted to a “boxed” homeschool curriculum (where a company sends you everything you need for the year in boxes) it is not always possible to afford this for each student. If you have four children and you need curriculum for each you can get charged around $1200 per student/per year for boxed curriculum. This can really add up considering that you will still have to buy some of your own supplies and science project materials.

Free homeschooling curriculum is a viable option for many people. Not only is it extremely flexible but the price is always right. No matter where you live or what your economic needs are this is a solutions for you and your family. It is also nice to know you can supplement any other curriculum for little or no money.

There are so many resources for free homeschool curriculum. Just look around your community, the library, your local schools (public schools and private schools) and if you are just a little creative you can make learning opportunities at every turn.

Homeschool Worksheets

Homeschool worksheets can be found in almost any bookstore, homeschool supply store, or on innumerable websites. Worksheets can be a wonderful and powerful tool to help you with your homeschool. However, worksheets in and of themselves should not replace your proper homeschool curriculum. At educationbug.org we recently posted an article that may help you weigh the pros and cons of using homeschool worksheets, and also give you great resources for worksheets.

Many of you will be visiting lakes or beaches on your summer vacations so why not take the opportunity learn a little science about the water and oceans while you are enjoying a bit of fun and sun. Our latest science project article had great ideas for experiments and projects about the water and oceans. Perhaps, you can even get some ideas for next years science fair, collect the things you are going to need while on vacation, then come home and get a head start on that science project.

Homeschool English

There are national standards that you have to meet when setting up your homeschool curriculum. These standards are set for each individual subject. For homeschool English you are required to meet certain curriculum requirements in reading, spelling, and writing. If you are not familiar with these standards or are not sure where to get information on home school English curriculum, check out our new article that provides information on the first steps you need to take in setting up your homeschool English curriculum and tips on moving beyond the standards in your homeschool English.

Homeschool Subjects

We have recently added a new category to our homeschool section of Educationbug.org. We are excited to bring you a series of articles on many homeschool subjects. We will have article that will give you tips and tricks on teaching different homeschool subjects and help you find great information on each of the subjects. We will have articles on homeschool math, homeschool art, homeschool English, homeschool history, homeschool social studies, and more.

Our very first article listed under Homeschool Subjects is Homeschool Art. This article contains great information on the first steps you should take when teaching homeschool art and how to use the National Standards for planning your homeschool art. There is really good information on where to find information on teaching beyond the standards in each discipline of art – music, visual arts, theatre, and dance

Christian Homeschool

Is Christian homeschooling a good thing, or a bad thing? There are many who debate this issue. Well, there are many who debate homeschool vs. public school being a good/bad thing too, but that is a whole other story.
People who choose to use a Christian homeschool curriculum usually choose to do so because they feel it is important to educate their children in religion as well as math, English, science etc…Public schools are not allowed to teach religion or to allow students to pray. The only other option open to parents who want their child to be taught Christianity is to send them to a private school. Private Christian schools are often very expensive and not always close enough to consider commuting to. By homeschooling the parents are also able to help shelter their children from negative influences, drugs, alcohol, and other religious beliefs.
These very things are part of the reason some people feel there are more cons to Christian homeschooling than pros to homeschooling. They feel if the students are never put in a position to stand up for their beliefs, or put in a position to say “No” to negative influences then they are going to have difficulty when as adults they enter a more mainstream society.
These are just a few of the issues regarding Christian Homeschool. For more information see our most recently posted article at educationbug.org.

Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum

If your child is just starting school you may be considering public school vs. homeschool and trying to decide which one would best suit the needs of your child. There are many things to consider when deciding to homeschool. One of the biggest things you need to educate yourself on is the homeschool laws for your state. The big thing to know is what homeschool curriculum is required by your state. We recently posted an article, “Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum“, which can assist you with who to contact and what questions to ask.

It is important to also add social experiences for your children while homeschooling. Some great ways to do this is incorporate field trips into your curriculum. You can also plan activities or go to public events and allow them to take a friend along.

Homeschool can be a fun and exciting way for the family to learn and play together!