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Home Education Programs

Home education (also called homeschool) is a widely growing form of education. There are currently well over one million students homeschooled in the United States. The reason that families choose this option vary but they include issues such as: school safety, negative socialization, concern about academics, and largely the ability to add morals and values into the educational foundation of the student. These are just to name a few of the reasons.

There are many thoughts or “programs” where homeschooling is concerned. Here we will talk about each one briefly.
  1. Unschooling – This is where a student does not receive information or education in general in the format presented in most schools. Text books or workbooks are rarely used and the thought that children are naturally inquisitive and love to explore and be creative. These ideas are fostered in unschooling and the child never has to be held back by the structure of typical schooling.
  2. Box Curriculum – Many homeschool families choose to purchase a full set of curriculum from a publisher or school. Some schools offer record keeping and teacher assistance. These programs can be very pricey but there are a few that are now publicly funded. It must be mentioned here that those that take part in the publicly funded box curriculum methods are usually enrolled in the school district that they live in and most often they are required to do state standardized testing. There is much debate among homeschoolers about whether this is truly homeschooling or not because it is basically public education done at home but within the framework of the state or district. Regardless of how one puts it, the child is educated at home and the parent is responsible for seeing that the student accomplishes what is needed.
  3. Build your own – Many parents like to build their own curriculum. They truly like the involvement of making thematic units and other learning tools that are tailor made for their children. While this may seem like the ideal thing for children it is very time consuming and requires a lot of organization.
  4. Homeschool for free – Homeschool can get expensive. It isn’t just the box curriculum that add up, you still have to buy every school supply including the ones that typical public schools and private schools just keep on hand. Every paper is your responsibility so it is important to know that you can find ways to get information and curriculum for free when possible or do science projects with normal household items.
There are many homeschool philosophies but that will be another post at another time. For now we just wanted to touch on the different reason families homeschool and the different options there are to homeschooling programs.