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National Standards

Did you know that there are already some national education standards in the United States? They are those proposed, for the most part, by the subject area teachers’ organizations. As we consider the concept of national standards in the light of students with special needs, they are worth considering. We have referred to them extensively in our articles on Homeschool Subjects, but here is a linked list of the major players. Some standards are available for free viewing and/or download, while others are available for purchase (indicated by $)

Social Studies (summary free; $ for whole)


English/Language Arts (includes Reading)



Physical Education

Health and Nutrition (summary free; $ for whole)

The Arts—Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts

• Foreign Language (exec. summary free; $ for whole)

Other Subjects

Kindergarten History

Depending on your state’s board of education your Kindergarten history curriculum could vary from state to state. The basic concept is teaching children how to connect the child to their world.

The Core Knowledge Curriculum gives lessons to help the child with spacial reasoning. The child is introduced to maps and shows where they live on the map in relation to other people and places. The child is taught the continents and can point to them and name them by the end of the year. The history of Christopher Columbus is taught and when the child grasps where the continents are then they can more readily realize how our continent was “discovered”.

The history curriculum is often put in place with geography lessons. The introduction of Native Americans can be taught. It is easy to overlap these subject and to even include art in the process.

Some Kindergarten history curriculum only wants to focus on the child and not branch out to where the child is in relation to the rest of the world. Because children at this age are so much more aware than we give them credit for it is not recommended to simplify things so much.

Teaching history to Kindergarten children can be delightful. The child can learn that what we have today is not how it always was. This can create a feeling of appreciation for the luxuries that we enjoy today thanks to modern science and the great thinkers we benefit from. It is never too young to teach children these things.

History can also take the form of asking children where their ancestors are from. This may help them feel connected to the rest of the world. They can see that not so many years ago they had family on other continents. This is a fun project for the child and the family.