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Benefits of College – Junior College

As high school students near graduation, there are some important decisions to be made about their post secondary education. Where to attend college is one of them. While many are attracted to large, reputable, and expensive universities, others will seek the advantages of a junior college for the first two years. Junior colleges provide some benefits that a university may lack. Plus, if a student starts at a junior college and later transfers to graduate from a notable university, they receive the same degree as if they had attended all 4 years at the university.

If one thing is certain, it is that gaining a degree can be extremely expensive. Many people attend a junior college for the sole purpose of saving money. Generally, it is less than $3,000 to complete a year of junior college, while universities may charge $30,000. Both schools will offer the same classes, so why not take advantage of the lower Junior college tuition, since the first 2 years are only general education requirements anyway.

Additionally, if you did not score the grades needed to attend your ideal university in high school, junior college offers a fresh start to produce a new transcript. A student who may not have been accepted before junior college, could possibly get in two years later with a scholarship. Plus, with smaller class sizes and more individualized attention, it may be easier to acquire better grades in junior college.

Finally, junior colleges are often local, allowing the student to remain at or near home. Not all students are emotionally prepared to go away to school. Many get homesick and may not perform well academically as a result. Some will fail out due to a number of other stressors for which they have not yet developed coping skills Junior college may help in providing ample time to for students to grow into maturity.