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Visual Learning

Visual learning is just one of many learning styles. Everyone has different learning styles and some may actually utilize more than one. However, most people have a dominant learning style.

Visual learners process things through seeing instructional material through images and other techniques. Some other techniques may include graphs, charts, pictures, videos, and any graphic organizing methods to just name a few. Instructors can be very creative in how they can implement visual aids into their curriculum.

Data shows that students retain information better when more than one learning style is used. For example, most students benefit from having information presented both visually and audibly.

The benefit of graphic organizers is that it helps a student visualize the connection between data or concepts. It brings all the concepts into focus and makes sense in real life because all the dots are connected. This is crucial for the visual learner but necessary for other types of learners as well. Graphic organizers can be used in help with writing, brainstorming, problem solving, decision making, planning and more.

For visual learners tools such as books, workbooks, highlighters, white boards, chalk boards, overhead projectors, videos, any graphics, and flashcards are great supplies to have on hand. The more interesting you make charts and other visual aids the more the student will learn. The student does great with a variety of colors and shapes that will help them remember what they saw. Manipulatives in subjects like math are great because they use touch but the child can also see the concept that is being taught.