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Homeschool Subjects

We have recently added a new category to our homeschool section of Educationbug.org. We are excited to bring you a series of articles on many homeschool subjects. We will have article that will give you tips and tricks on teaching different homeschool subjects and help you find great information on each of the subjects. We will have articles on homeschool math, homeschool art, homeschool English, homeschool history, homeschool social studies, and more.

Our very first article listed under Homeschool Subjects is Homeschool Art. This article contains great information on the first steps you should take when teaching homeschool art and how to use the National Standards for planning your homeschool art. There is really good information on where to find information on teaching beyond the standards in each discipline of art – music, visual arts, theatre, and dance

Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum

If your child is just starting school you may be considering public school vs. homeschool and trying to decide which one would best suit the needs of your child. There are many things to consider when deciding to homeschool. One of the biggest things you need to educate yourself on is the homeschool laws for your state. The big thing to know is what homeschool curriculum is required by your state. We recently posted an article, “Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum“, which can assist you with who to contact and what questions to ask.

It is important to also add social experiences for your children while homeschooling. Some great ways to do this is incorporate field trips into your curriculum. You can also plan activities or go to public events and allow them to take a friend along.

Homeschool can be a fun and exciting way for the family to learn and play together!