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What Makes a Good Science Project?

Some of the best science projects can be ripped directly from the daily news headlines. This week alone, there are many news articles relating to the anniversary of the landing on the moon, the Apollo 11 mission, and even dysfunctional space toilets. Any of these articles could contain great information or ideas on astronomy or solar system science projects. The toilet articles could even be used to explain engineering science projects or force, motion, and simple machine science projects.

There are always good news information on diseases such as cancer and HIV, new drugs associated with these and other diseases, or health and fitness articles which may be used for ideas on cells, heredity, and genetics science projects or Human Body, Health, and Nutrition projects.

But, what makes a good science project? There are many contributing factors to being able to have a good science project such as:
Purpose of the Science Project
Level of the Science Project
Availability of Materials Needed for the Science Project
Time Needed for the Science Project

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