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Educational Games – Have Fun Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t even have to be boring and tedious. Using educational games is a great way to help kids of any age learn new concepts. Math games are one of the most popular types of games because math tends to be difficult for many people. Today we will take a look at some different types of educational games and how you can help your preschooler get ready for school or  your older kids master a concept they are struggling with.

Math Games: if you go online and search for math games, you will come up with about 40 million results!! If you are looking for age specific games, make your search more specific. A search for “multiplication games” narrows the search results down to only 2 million results. You can even add in a grade level to make your results more specific. If you are just looking for simple things to do at home to get your preschooler familiar with numbers and sequence, try games like Chutes and Ladders, Go Fish, or War. Any game that uses numbers can be used to familiarize them with what the number looks like. Card games like Go Fish that have pictures to go with the numbers are even better. These can be used to help them understand what the number 6, for example, represents and can be helpful in teaching them what numbers are larger or smaller.

Computer Games: there are thousands of free computer games for kids online. One thing we would suggest is for you to sit down with your kids and find sites you approve of and games that are teaching age appropriate things that you want your kids learning. You could also ask your child’s teacher for ideas of websites they would recommend. Often they will have a list of websites that have games teaching the things their class will be learning that year. This is a great way for your child to get some extra practice or homework help and is a great alternative to the expensive games that don’t teach your kids anything. Online games are available for every subject you can think of: keyboarding games, geography games, spelling games, science games, reading games. It may take some time to find the right games for your child, but the rewards could pay off big time!

Make Your Own: the great thing about educational games is that you can take the basic concept from a variety of games and create your own educational games. Letting your kids help make up the rules and games pieces will make them even more excited about the game. If your 4th grader is learning about the states and their capitals, make a matching game with the capital city’s name on one set of cards and the state names on another, then match them. You can print out pictures, draw your own, or even use common household items to make your games more exciting. Just get creative, look online for some ideas and then go crazy! The most important thing is that you will be spending time with your kids and showing them that learning can be fun!!