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Featured Homeschool Sites

We’re going to start adding a featured site to our blog as we find high quality websites.

This week we found some awesome homeschool resources online. So if you are looking for homeschooling curriculum, resources, supply, or just looking to check out some blogs – take a look at these high quality sites!

1. Homeschooling Program – A website that explores the different online programs for homeschoolers and different types of curriculum.

2. Let’s Homeschool - an online resource catalog of everything from field trips to state laws for homeschooling. Includes book reviews, curriculum reviews, and links to homeschool support groups. This site also has a blog at Let’s Homeschool – on blogger.

3. Homeschool Playground – one parent’s blog powered by WordPress blogging engine. Includes thoughts on the daily homeschooling tasks and other issues related to homeschooling and education.

We will post more as we find them – until then – if you’d like your website reviewed – go to our website and fill out our contact us page if you want to be featured!