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Education Jobs

Jobs within the educational field can range in difference from transportation to college Dean, or from Principal to cafeteria help. But regardless of your career goals if you are interested in employment within the school systems educationbug.org has some information you must read. Whether you are a parent, student, teacher, principal, or just interested in education and want to work with people who have your same interests you should pursue an educational job. The benefits and rewards go well beyond the paycheck. Setting an example or making a difference in a child’s life is one of the most rewarding things you will do in your lifetime.

We recently posted some articles on the details of specific education career opportunities and what those jobs entail as well as the typical requirements you need to meet for those jobs. There are articles on Become a School Counselor, Elementary School Principal, and/or School Administrator.

We also have a section within educationbug.org where employers can sign up and list educational jobs in 18 different categories. Jobs are posted on a regular basis and offered nationwide. Click here for more information on listing a job or to see what is currently available in the job listing area.

Education Job Post

Last week we launched our Education and Teaching Job Post on EducationBug.

Administrators and employers can now post education related jobs for free on our directory!

The main landing page is located at www.educationbug.org/jobs/ . We have also posted a link to the section in our top bar navigation of the website and we’ve added a link in the footer as well.

This is a great tool to find employees. We have thousands of visitors EVERY DAY! Users can also associate the job posting with one of the profiles in our website. We are currently working on the function to bridge the navigation so if a web visitor is looking at a profile – they will see a link that says “View Jobs at this School/Library/ETC” which will link directly to a list of jobs in the school, district, college, or library.

All we need now is for you to signup and start posting your teaching jobs or any education related job.

More neat tools coming soon!