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Colorado Schools

Our Popular Texas ISD (Independent School District) blog has been so popular and had so many great comments about how helpful it was that we have decided to continue these blogs as a series. If we do not cover your city, state, county, school district, or specific school you may always go to our education.bug website and on the right hand side of the page we have the information you are looking for.

I have decided to focus on ISD’s in Colorado this time.

1. Denver ISD- This county has over 145 school districts and is located at 900 Grant Street Denver, CO 80203-2996. You can reach them by phone at – 303-764-3200.

2. Colorado Springs ISD- Is located in El Paso County, Colorado at 1115 North EL Paso Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903-2599. Their phone number is 719-520-2000. Within Colorado Springs they have 8 school districts, 152 public schools, 45 private schools, 17 colleges, and 7 libraries.

3. Pueblo ISD- Has 38 schools in this district with about 18,000 students grades K-12. They are located at 315 West 11th Street Pueblo, CO 81003-2804 and can be reached by phone at 719-549-7100.

4. Boulder ISD- Although not far out of Denver is often searched for. They seem to continue to steadily grow. They are up to having 53 schools within their district (33 public, 18 private, and 6 colleges) They are located at 6500 Arapahoe Avenue Boulder, CO 80303 in Broomfield county. They can be contacted at 303-447-1010.

If we did not mention the school district you are interested in please feel free to visit our Colorado education directory where you can search them alphabetically:

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or if you do not know the name by district you may also search: School Districts by City
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There is an amazing amount of information on each school such as how many girls/boys, student/teacher ratios, maps and much much more.