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Reign vs Rein

Most people are familiar with the more commonly used form of rain, referring to precipitation or April showers. A great way to remember how that rain is spelled is thinking of April showers, and it being the only “rain” spelled with an “a”. The other two forms are spelled with an ei. One refers to control or part of a bridle for a horse, and the other refers to royalty. But, do you know which is which? Rein and reign and more often confused. To find out more about the differences between rein, reign, and rain visit our recent grammar lesson article post, titled Reign vs. Rein.

Keep tuned for more great information on educationbug.org. With the school year coming to a close we will soon be posting more articles that will help prepare you for the summer and help you get ahead of the game for next year. Don’t find yourself putting off school registration, applying for student loans, or filling out applications. We already have a number of articles that can help you with choosing between a college vs. university, choosing a college major, and how to find scholarships.

Find Scholarships

Many adults who either drop out of high school, just get their GED, or have been out of high school for a number of years think it is too late to go to college. IT’S NOT! Many adults are returning to college for a number of reasons. Some have lost their long time jobs, some to better their position in their company, and others to expand their minds and to be able to say they finally did it. Just because you are an adult don’t think that you do not qualify or are not able to get any assistance in funding your education. Criteria is a little different than most kids right out of high school but it is not impossible.
Many high school students also think that unless they have a 4.0 GPA their entire school years they are not eligible for college scholarships either. 4.0 GPA will help obtain certain scholarships but it is not the only way. There are scholarships for leadership skills, your choice of college major, extracurricular activities (cheer, sports, debate, technical etc…), your cultural or ethnic background, you or your parents income level, your SAT or ACT scores, and much much more. Don’t give up on continuing your education just because you are not a straight A student.
Check out our most recent article on finding scholarships to learn more.

Returning to School and College Majors

For some adults even the idea of returning to school is frightening. I know, because I am one of them. I had been out of school for many years and working in an industry I thought would last forever. As time past things changed, many people started to turn to the internet to find the type of services we provided. As this happened I realized that if I wanted to be able to compete in a job market I better get my college degree, after all I was not getting any younger. I was very pleasantly surprised as I walked into each and every one of my classes that I was not the only adult. It has become such a common thing that you do not even get any funny looks or snickers. Silly me, I thought I would be the laughing stock of the campus. And there are people even older than me. Adults return to college for many different reasons. No matter what your reason may be, or how old you are, or if you never finished high school, or what excuses you have used in the past if you have ever considered going back to school you should do it now.

Once you decide to go to college you will need to choose a college major. But don’t sweat it if you do not really know what type of degree you want. Just choose one of interest to you. If it doesn’t wind up being something you like or you find a passion or interest in another area, change it. The important thing is you pursue your education. Our article on the most popular college majors may surprise you.

Talk Higher Education Early

The best time to start talking to your children about their college education is in early childhood. Studies show that if a child knows up front from the beginning what is expected of them they will strive to meet those expectations. Education is important from day one. Starting to talk about college in their junior or senior year of high school is not going to let them know that it is important to you and it is expected of them. By the time they are in high school they should be preparing for college by studying for and taking their SAT’s, researching colleges, applying for scholarships, and even taking college courses while they are still in high school. The questions should not be should I attend college or not? It needs to be which college should I attend? which will work better for me a college or a university? and what am I going to major in?