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Brown Bag Lunches

Having your child pack their own lunch to take to school can be a fun and fulfilling for kids to do for themselves. Here are some ideas to help you get started this school year! Whether you have children in public school, private school or even if you homeschool we hope these tips are helpful.

  1. Let the kids get involved in making choices for what to have in their lunch. This does not necessarily mean that you just let them put in whatever they want but that you give two choices or more in each food group and let them choose. This gives the child a sense of ownership of their lunch.
  2. Keep nutrition in mind. With the focus on easy foods which tend to be prepackaged it can be hard to fit a good diet into the routine. However, with planning and consideration you can send your child with a fun yet nutritious lunch. Read up on what different foods do to stimulate your brain or body. Kids love the fact that some foods make their brains function better. This makes a game of choosing the right foods and then seeing if you can feel the effects.
  3. Keep it cost effective. Most parents choose to have their children take a lunch to save on money. Even though schools offer a free lunch program in most areas, there are many people who don’t qualify and yet still have to watch their dollars. It is important for your child to realize that there should be a limit on the dollar value of a sack lunch.
  4. Be safe! Make sure that you don’t put mayo or other perishable things in your child’s lunch unless it can be refrigerated and kept from growing bacteria that could make your child ill.
  5. Most of all, HAVE FUN! This can be a great opportunity to spend time with your child and talk about their school days. Live it up!