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Back to School Giveaway

It is back to school time! To celebrate, EducationBug.org is giving away a starter pack of school supplies. To enter simply Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EducationBug. To increase your chances of winning, you get a second entry when you share our Back to School Giveaway photo, just click the ‘Share’ button under the giveaway photo on our Facebook page. After you have ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ just leave us a comment letting us know, so we can easily keep track of the entries. (This giveaway is only available in the United States.)

Anyone can enter to win: teachers, students, grandparents, or just a good neighbor that wants to donate the supplies to a child or school in his/her neighborhood. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday August 19th and will be posted on our Facebook page. The winner will be tagged in the post and we would request for that person to send us a private message with the name and mailing address of where the gift pack is to be sent so we can get the package out as soon as possible.

Having children prepared with the proper school supplies greatly increases their interest and success in the classroom. Teachers tell of the great joy they see on the faces of the children as they begin a new school year and each student proudly pulls out all their new school supplies. They also mention how heart breaking it is to see a student that does not have the supplies they need. So even if you don’t have a child in need of school supplies, enter to win and donate the supplies to a school in your neighborhood – you can’t even imagine the joy you will create for the child that is in need.


Back to School Activities

Back to school activities come in many varieties depending on the age of the children or teens going back to school, the type of school the children will be attending, the teacher, and many other factors. In this post we would like to take a look at some of the types of back to school activities that can make the transition from summer back to a school schedule more fun and less stressful. Back to school time is always a time of great excitement, but can also be a time of fear and anxiety for many children. What if I don’t like my teacher? What if my friends aren’t in my class? What if I get lost? What if I can’t do the work? These are just a few of the questions that have been flying around my house as we prepare for back to school.

Back to school activities can include back to school shopping for new clothes or school uniforms, taking one child at a time and making this a special time between a parent and child can make the experience go a lot better. If appropriate, talk with your child before hand about what items the child will need, how much money can be spent, and a plan on where the shopping will take place. If you or your child have a favorite store, watch the ads for a few weeks before school starts and pick a time when some of the more expensive items the child will need are on sale. Make sure you are both rested and have had a good meal before starting the back to school shopping. This back to school activity can be especially exhausting, but the more prepared both parties are the better it should go.

To ease some of the worries a child may have about getting lost, meeting a new teacher, finding out who is in the child’s class or other similar fears, check with your child’s school to see if they have an open house or back to school night before school starts. This can be a fun back to school activity for both the parent and the child as you will both have the opportunity to get to know the child’s teacher, learn more about the school campus, and possibly meet a couple of classmates before school even starts. Just knowing where he/she needs to go and one or two people the child can expect to see on their first day back to school can be a great stress reliever.

There are several simple back to school activities that can make going back to school more fun for a child. Prepare a favorite meal the night before school starts, have your child pick out his/her favorite new school clothes and lay them out before bed. Go through the students school supplies together and label them with the child’s name. Help your child prepare a small back to school “gift” for his/her teacher. If the teacher has a “wish list” of classroom supplies that will be needed the gift could include some of these supplies as well as an item the child picks out for the teacher. Older children may be able to help younger children by talking about some of the back to school activities they have experienced in previous years that they especially enjoyed. Focusing on the good and positive aspects of going back to school will hep calm nerves and prepare students for the first few hectic days of getting back to school and a regular school routine.  

Keep in mind that the first few days of school are often packed with information and back to school activities that can be overwhelming even for older students. If possible have things in order around the home before school starts so that there is not a lot of extra stress and chores required of the student in the evenings. At the end of the first week you may want to consider a back to school activity to celebrate, a dinner where children can tell about some of the best, and most frustrating, times they had during their first few days back to school. Just as important as preparing for the return to school and participating in fun back to school activities, is creating a routine that will keep both parent and child focused on a successful year. Having a routine for when and where each child will do homework, chores, and have free time can help eliminate a lot of daily bickering about whether or not the child’s homework is done, whether or not he/she can go play, etc. Creating a parent contract detailing the agreement can be very helpful in sticking to the plan.

Whatever back to school activities you plan be sure to do them with love and concern for the student. As a parent with many day to day stresses we sometimes forget how hard a new school year can be. To children this is a very major change that they are going through and they need all the love and support they can get. Being involved and showing them how much you care will help them to know that everything will be okay!

Tax Breaks for Back-to-School Shopping

Here’s a collection of various state’s tax free or tax break days, which many parents are using for back-to-school shopping. State names are linked to more details. Note that Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have a general sales tax, so are not listed. Dates that have passed are noted.

In most cases, residency is not required to participate in these sales, so you can check for neighboring states as well as your own.

* Alabama – August 6–8

* Connecticut – August 15–21

* Florida – August 13–15

* Illinois – August 6–15

* Iowa – August 6–7

* Louisiana – August 6–7

* Maryland – August 8–14

* Massachusetts – August 14–15

* Mississippi – (past) July 29–30 – some cities did not participate

* Missouri – August 6–8

* New Mexico – August 6–8

* North Carolina – August 6–8

* Oklahoma – August 6–8

* South Carolina – August 6–8

* Tennessee – August 6–8

* Texas – August 20–22

* Vermont – (past) March 6

* Virginia – August 6–8

* West Virginia – (residents only; energy efficient appliances, rather than back-to-school) September 1–November 30

Other Sources



First Day of Kindergarten

No matter what type of education (public school, private school, homeschool, charter school) you have chosen for your Kindergarten student it is an exciting time for the whole family. Here we will discuss things that you may want to go over with your child before they go into the big world of schooling. Also, we will go over a few things that are great rituals to do with your child that will be comforting to them, help them have a say in what happens and to help them get excited about going to school.

Have a routine!

You may want to make a chart or a cute list to post somewhere that the child will readily see it. Also, if your child is not reading yet, either teach them the sight words on the list or put pictures next to the words. Don’t just use pictures as the child should be getting used to learning sight words and learning to read.

On your list you may want to include the everyday things like brushing teeth, washing face, making the bed, taking laundry to where it goes, picking up the room, getting dressed, eating breakfast, getting the back pack ready, packing the lunch, combing hair. This will ease the stress of the early morning madness for you and the child. Children love to know what is expected of them, they find comfort in routine.


If you choose to make your own lunches let your child help you shop for the items that will be needed. Let them have as much input as possible as to what they eat for lunch. A great way to do this while still getting the nutrition that is needed is to offer two options and let them choose. If you don’t use a lunch box or don’t want to keep track of one you can let the child decorate some regular lunch sacks that will have their name on them and any other information the school requires. Children love to decorate things and to take ownership of things that adults take for granted. The child will find comfort in knowing that at lunch time they will be able to easily identify their individual lunch and that it will be satisfying because they chose the items in it and are excited about them.


More and more children are coming home with homework in Kindergarten. Homeschool families don’t have the same issue with homework but both types of families need a good study spot that is conducive to learning. Make sure that the area is free of distractions and well lit. Make it comfortable for the child. If they need extra cushions on the chair so that it is the right height make sure they have what they need. This will make homework a time that is comfortable and peaceful rather than distracting and miserable.

Before the first day of school!

Talk to you child about safety. Tell them what do should they be asked to leave the school with someone. Make sure they know where you will be when school is over and assure them that they are in good hands with their teacher. If they can meet the teacher ahead of time and see the classroom it will feel like a comfort zone to them and things will be better.

Back To School Tips

Back to school can be stressful but it can also be a joyful time. It depends on how prepared you are and how far ahead you look to know how to handle situations.

If your child is moving to a new school you will need to take special consideration to help the student feel comfortable in their new learning environment. Going to back to school nights, visiting the classroom and teacher before school starts, Giving the student (if older) a map of the campus may help them to navigate and not get lost. Finding friends that your student may know at that school can make life easier. This could be someone from the neighborhood or church or other activities. The bottom line is to help your child find their place in their new environment and be active in their school.

Parents should try to volunteer as much as possible at the school that their student is attending. Parents should never underestimate the impact they have on their children’s lives when they get directly involved in what the child is doing.

The American Association of Pediatrics recently came out with an article that gave several tips on a broad spectrum of topics regarding this time of year. A few of these tips are:

  • Talk to your child about the first day of school. Point out positive aspects of having a new school year.

  • Find someone from your neighborhood that the child can walk or ride to school with that you feel comfortable with.

  • Make sure that the backpack you choose is light and comfortable.

  • Discuss safety with your child regarding getting to and from school. “Stranger danger” is a discussion we can’t have too many times with children of all ages.

  • Make sure you have lunch and snacks if necessary for your child. Talk to the school to see what your options are and make sure you have it all in place before the first day of school.

  • If your child is bullied make sure you teach them what they can do for themselves and always remain an active part of their school day.

  • Know how to handle your child if they are the bully.

  • Make sure you have child care in place for before or after school as needed.

  • Develop good homework and study habits. Make a spot in your home that is away from unnecessary distractions. A comfortable place with plenty of light is optimal.

Keep in mind that this list is not conclusive for everything that a parent has to think about regarding the beginning of a school year. There is naturally back to school shopping, uniform shopping and more.