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Affect vs. Effect

I often get confused between when to use the word “affect” versus “effect”, so I did a little bit of research and found this grammar lesson to share with you:
Affect and Effect are both a transitive verb and a noun.

When affect is being used as a verb it means “to change or influence; to attack, cause damage to, infect; to act with intent to deceive or impress; or to act on the emotions, to create an emotional response,”. In all these definitions, affect means “to make some sort of difference.”
When affect is used as a noun it refers to “the state of emotions and is connected to the verb form”.

When effect is used as a verb it means “to cause or bring about”.
When effect is used as a noun it means “the result of something”.

Even in studying these differences I found I can get easily confused but came across this tip to help:
Remember the alphabetical order; first, something is affected and the result is an effect: A before E.