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School Guidance Counselor

When I was in high school I thought the guidance counselor was the person in the office you got to go visit with when you got in trouble and needed some “guidance” to get back on track before you got sent to the principal, or detention. But, today I have a new appreciation for what guidance counselors really do.

I have to take a moment to give kudos and thanks to my daughters high school guidance counselor, without her my daughter could have gotten lost in the crowd. We relocated when my daughter was a young teenager and this guidance counselor went above and beyond her duties to make sure my daughter was able to get into all of the classes she needed, and at the levels she was prepared for. As time went on she stayed right on top of what had been accomplished, helped her set new goals, discovered when she needed a tutor, and helped us obtain the most out of her high school education by suggesting concurrent enrollment at our local college.

My daughter will soon be graduating college as one of the first in our family to do so. I owe my complete gratitude for all of the school teachers, administrators, and counselors who have helped my daughter succeed. We could not have done it without you. Thanks for showing us the dream, helping us set goals, and for all the help in making it happen!

Most Common Misspellings

What words have the most common misspellings? Spelling comes easy for some, and not so easy for others. But, even those who believe they can spell really well still have difficulty with some words. Many of the words that have duplicate letters are often misspelled like vacuum-many people often think it has two cc’s instead of two u’s. Or how about occurrence? When things occur there is only one r, so many people forget to add the additional r in occurrence or sometimes think it is spelled occurrance. If you want to know more tips and tricks on how to remember some of the most common misspelled words check out our newly posted grammar lesson.
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Charter Schools

When thinking about your childs education have you ever considered a charter school? Or are you even aware of what a charter school is? What is the difference between public schools, magnet schools, and charter schools? In our recent post we talked about magnet schools. Now I would just like to point out a few benefits of charter schools.

  • All students have opportunities for quality education
  • Parents and students are offered another choice for public education
  • Teachers and administrators are given room to be creative in helping students learn
  • Charter schools have to be accountable for their performance
  • Teachers are allowed to try innovative teaching methods
  • Involvement by parents and the community in education are encouraged
  • Smaller school and class size, providing lower student/teacher ratios
  • Teachers choose to work at charter schools so they are committed to the school’s mission

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