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National Education Week Nov 13-19, 2011

National Education Week is Nov 13-19 for the 2011 year. This year is the 90th year for the National Education Week celebration. Started in 1921, National Education Week is a time that is used to celebrate academic achievements and hard work of students, honor teachers and staff, recognize parents and members of the community that help at the schools, and let local and national communities know about issues in education.

The general idea is to keep education in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Too often we just get in a routine and take for granted that schools do their thing and we don’t need to be involved. But the truth is, too many kids are able to just skate by and are not really getting the education they need or deserve. The more involved the community is in the local schools the better the education will be. Teachers need help and National Education week is a great way to let the community know about the needs of the school, students, and teachers. The activities going on in each community will vary but we encourage all of you to find out what your local schools are doing to celebrate National Education Week

The National Education Association (NEA) has a few activities that anyone can participate in nationwide.

  1. The NEA has partnered with to let teachers put in project requests that they need funding for. Teachers, on average, spend at least $350 a year out of pocket for classroom materials Go to to find a project you would like to help with and donate what you can. 
  2. Priority Schools Pledge: take the Priority Schools Pledge to see how you can be involved in making sure that your student(s) has high quality teachers and adequate school resources. Taking the pledge shows that as a community we will no longer just sit by and watch as some schools flourish while others are left with very few resources and unqualified teachers and staff.
  3. Nominate a Classroom Superhero. This campaign allows parents, students, and the community to nominate an educator they feel is a Superhero. Visit to learn more about how you can support and help educators who are working to help all of us. The reward is letting these educators know they are appreciated and that what they are doing does matter, to all of us!
  4. Tell Congress to Support the FAST (Fix America’s Schools Today) Act. The average age of school buildings in the US is more than 40 years old. These building often have problems that are a major distraction and provide inadequate conditions for learning. Visit to learn more about how you can let congress know that you are interested in them supporting the FAST Act.
  5. Tell Congress to pass the ESEA reauthorization bill. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act emphasizes the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all education in the 21st century. Any parent that has a gifted student or child in need of special education knows this. Let’s make sure Congress is making our voices heard. Visit to learn more about getting in touch with Congress to let your voice be heard. 

It doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate National Education Week, just get involved and celebrate education! Lets make sure teachers know we appreciate them and that students know how important education is. Whether your kids are in public school, charter school, or even a private school. Celebrating National Education Week from Nov 13-19, 2011 shows your kids that education is important!!