Johnny Appleseed Day

Although it is one of the lesser known holidays in March, Johnny Appleseed Day on March 11, is a great day to educate children about Johnny Appleseed and his love of planting trees along roads in Pennsylvania and New York. Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman, but after arriving in Ohio to continue spreading seeds along the Ohio River, he became known as Johnny Appleseed.
Johnny Appleseed is known for building tree nurseries, and would sell his trees for barter. That is how Johnny became known for his poor choice of dress. Johnny Appleseed would give away the nicer clothes he received and would don the worst of the clothing he received. This is why Johnny Appleseed is imagined by historians as wearing rags and a pot on his head, although this was not actually the case. He did however go without shoes in the summertime to preserve leather.
Johnny Appleseed had a deep love of trees as well as animals and the rest of nature. Johnny Appleseed spread life love and his love of the Christian gospel as his work as a missionary. Johnny Appleseed Day is actually celebrated twice a year, on both March 11 and September 26. The reason behind celebrating this holiday twice per year is because historians are conflicted as to whether the day should be celebrated on the day of his death (March 11) or his birth (September 26.) As a result, the holiday comes twice a year.
Learning about Johnny Appleseed and incorporating a fun project for any home or school project is a great way to spice up the history curriculum.
  • Teach your children about the history surrounding Johnny Appleseed and his love for trees and spreading this love to other areas of the country.
  • You may also teach your children about Johnny Appleseed day by incorporating apples into your meals and snack throughout the day with an apple pie in honor of Johnny Appleseed’s love of planting trees.
  • Another way to celebrate is to have your children dress up as Johnny Appleseed. Go barefoot in the house and dress up in their older, rattier clothes.
  • Or celebrate Johnny Appleseed day by helping the children plant a tree in your yard. Encourage the children to observe this unique holiday by spreading the love of nature like Johnny Appleseed.