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Most Popular Phrases and Sayings announces a new category and new articles! This new category will include the most popular phrases and/or sayings you may have heard a hundred times throughout your life,or  that you might occasionally stop to wonder where the saying originated from. In the new Most Popular Phrases and Sayings section on, you can find out where some of your favorite and most commonly used idioms and old adages originated, the history behind them, and what they really mean. We have just published some new content to kick off the launch of the new section with an article on the popular phrase, “nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

Who knew Benjamin Franklin was the historical figure, the one who first made this phrase famous although its origins date even further back than his time. The phrase can also be seen used throughout several pop culture references. It has since become a popular and commonly used idiom today to express the finality of life and the inevitability of certain concepts like death and the unlikelihood of successfully avoiding to pay taxes. is a Web site that offers a complete list of educational tools and resources to parents and students including articles covering topics such as the difference between public, private and charter schools. The site also provides users with fresh content and information according to scholastic topic including language arts, math and science. Information about different types of schools according to state are also covered within the site. covers a comprehensive range of various instructional topics for any age groups, students and parents.

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