"Choose Quality" Leads in December School Concert Survey

Our December survey poses the open-ended starter:

I think December school concerts:

and gives voters the following completion choices—

• should not be held: scheduling concerts for another time is the only way to avoid controversy over including or not including religious material.

• should only include secular music and references.

• should include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and secular winter music, all of which are important parts of our culture.

• shouldn’t be considered a problem if music from multiple religious traditions and secular music are performed, avoiding preference for any stance.

• should include material that is chosen by its quality and developmental appropriateness, regardless of religious references: i.e., religious music should neither be preferred nor avoided.

• other (please specify)

With 277 responses (9 excluded for irrelevance or obscenity), the vote for choosing music based on its quality regardless of other factors is the clear leader with 37% of the vote.

‘Other’ responses—which will be collated when the final vote is tallied—include a number of opinions that December school concerts should be Christmas concerts.

Below, you can view the halfway tally in two different ways. The first shows bars, percentages, and actual numbers of votes. The second displays the results in a pie chart.

If you haven’t yet voted, please go to our December concert survey and let us know your opinion.