Preschool Education & Preschool Readiness

Preschool education may not be something that you have put a lot of thought into. Some people, on the other hand, start planning their child’s preschool education from the time they are born. Whatever your situation and preferences, there are some basic things that you should consider when thinking about preschool education for your children. Not all kids are going to benefit from the same things and not all kids are ready for the same thing at a specific age.

There are many reasons for preschool and many types of preschools. For some it is simply a way to introduce their child to separation from home and family and introduce them to a safe social environment. For others it is a way of introducing their children to learning and an educational environment. Teaching them the basics of listening and following instructions, sharing, working together, etc. is an important part of school readiness. For others preschool is meant to be a jump start on their education to get them into a private school. These are the people that have been planning their child’s education since they were born. Whatever you are hoping to get from your child’s preschool education, there are somethings that may indicate your child’s preschool readiness.

Let’s take a min to ask some questions that may help you determine if your child is ready for preschool:

  • Is your child ready to be away from home and family?
  • Is your child ready to be on a schedule?
  • Is your child ready to spend time in a group?
  • Is your child interested in and excited about preschool?
  • What will the child be giving up to attend preschool?
  • How do the preschool’s philosophies fit with your child’s disposition?
  • Can the preschool deal with any special needs your child may have?
  • Are there admission requirements for the preschool?

If your child is willing and excited to go, this may be the perfect opportunity for your child. Sometimes be introduced to this type of change at an early age is easier than it may be by the time they are 4 or 5 years old. Not only will your child be gaining valuable experiences and knowledge but you will be gaining some free time for yourself. Don’t force your child to do something he/she does not want to do. If they are not ready for preschool and you try to force them to go it may become a very negative experience and start them off on the wrong foot in their educational career.

If you are wondering how to find a preschool, we recommend research. Visit the preschools you are considering, then spend some time there with your child before you enroll them. Watch how the teachers interact with the students and how they handle discipline and misbehavior. This will help to ensure that your child is in a safe and healthy environment. Check out the cleanliness of the toys and table tops and discuss the type of preschool curriculum with the instructors. Be sure that the methods and materials coincide with your own beliefs and desires for your child. If your child likes it and you feel comfortable, it is probably a good choice!