Education Bug Site Upgrade

If you have been on the site recently, you may have noticed that has undergone a major upgrade. We took a look at all the categories and organization that had slowly evolved from the site’s early days in the first half of 2006, and rethought everything. When we were done, we had created a new hierarchy and organization that we hope will make our education articles easier to locate.
There are two main parts to the hierarchy. In the first section, all articles of every type are sorted by topic. This section is called “Article Topics,” and it has 11 top-level categories.

In the second section, articles related to specific types of schools and written for specific audiences are categorized by the schools and the audiences. This section is called “Finding Articles for Special Interests, and it has two top-level categories.

Each top-level category has two or more subcategories. Each article is placed in every sub-category in which it fits. For example, the article “Public School Uniform Debate” is filed under Other Education Issues and also in Public Schools, while the article “What Is Peer Pressure?” is filed under Safety and Parents.

The new hierarchy is shown below, to help you get the gist of the site’s new organization.


Career Education
Career Training
Education Careers
Education Choices
Adult Education Choices
Post-Secondary Choices
PreK–12 Choices
Education Costs
Financial Aid
Other Financial Topics
Education History & General Information
General Information
Education Issues
Other Education Issues
Education Resources
Community Resources
In-School Resources
Online Resources
Family Involvement in Education
Applying to a School
College-Age Children
Preparing Your Child for School
School Involvement/PTA
Students w Special Needs
Gifted and Talented
Learning Disabilities
Special Education
Subject Information & Homework Help
Language Arts
Easily Confused Words
Grammar and Mechanics
Other Language Arts
Other Learning Areas
Social Studies/History
Teaching and Learning
Classroom Approaches & Issues
Homeschool Setup
Homeschool Curriculum
Admissions Tests
Testing in the Schools


Articles About Specific Types of Schools

Public Schools
Private Schools
Elementary Schools
Secondary Schools
Colleges and Universities
Vocational/Technical Schools
Charter Schools
Christian Schools
Online Schools/Distance Education

Articles For Specific Audiences

Elementary Students
Secondary Students
College Students
Adult Learners

Comments on our new system are welcome!