Spread the Words

Word is starting to spread about 2010’s Summer Reading Programs. Each year, organizations including bookstores, libraries, and others offer youngsters and teens incentives to keep reading while they’re not attending schools. They do this in a number of ways:

• providing lists of recommended books

• providing a reading community

• making opportunities contact with famous authors

• holding themed, book-related activities and events

• celebrating success

• offering rewards, often—but not always—in the form of books

This year, for example, you might choose to have your child who’s 12 or under enter Borders® Books Double-Dog Dare, in which they can earn a free book by reading 10 books of their choice. Alternatively, children up to 12 could join 2010 Barnes & Noble® Summer Reading—The 39 Clues and earn a free book by reading 8 books, as well as 39 Clues rewards. These are national programs, available to all, but the records that children keep need to be turned in at an appropriately branded book store.

Local libraries are going all out, too. The 2010 Summer Reading Program in the boroughs of New York City—sponsored by the Brooklyn Public Library, the Queens Library, and the New York Public Library, Scholastic® and Target®— is more interactive. Here, you can create a profile page with an avatar, review movies, music, and games, as well as books, and see what other kids are reading, viewing, and playing, and what they think about it, as well as earn rewards. Check with libraries in your area to see what they have up their sleeves for the summer.

Folks who work with books are no longer the only ones encouraging kids to read. TD Bank® is sponsoring a Summer Reading Program and—upon reading 10 books—kids 18 and younger can have $10 deposited to a new or existing “Young Saver Account.

To learn more about reading in the summer, have a look at our article “Summer Reading Program.”