Science Projects ~ Science Fun & Science Fair Success

Science is a core subject, whether you are in charge of a homeschool science class or are teaching science in a public or private school, you are most likely looking for fun, exciting things to do to get kids involved in and excited about science. The great thing about science is that there are so many different areas to cover that you can really mix it up and find something to spark the interest of almost any child.

Science projects for a science fair or show are probably one of the best ways to make science fun and memorable for children and teens. However this can also be a cause of teen stress and even stress for parents if the child/teen does not have a natural love and curiosity for science. The first place to start is to choose a specific area of science for your project; life science, earth and space, physical science, science and technology, or some other science area that you find interesting. Then you can start looking for science project ideas. We have a great list of science projects here, or we have also found a fabulous resource in this Homeschool Science Activity Manual and Video Guide. These are simple projects that will be fun and also very informative. When you actually do something and see the process, you are much more likely to be interested in it and remember it.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to always put safety first, make sure kids have appropriate tools and equipment, and someone to supervise all their projects. This may be easier in homeschool science but try and get parents involved in the schools to make it possible there as well. Then keep a good attitude and make it fun. We all have different learning styles but nobody enjoys a long boring lecture about the history of science. However, most people love actually seeing and understanding how science history has created so many of the incredible things we take for granted everyday like electricity, running water, and microwaves. Science is all around us. Whether or not we enjoy learning about it is all determined by the way it is presented.