Free Web Hosting For School Websites

We all know how great websites for schools can be. They be used to post your calendar, staff contacts and bios, your school philosophy, school updates and important notices. And if you have hosting that provides you with email accounts your teachers and staff can all have official and professional school email addresses. This is a great tool for teachers as well as parents. Parents should have a way to look online to see what is going on in a student’s school and they should have a way to reach the teacher with their concerns and questions. Even some students email their teachers for homework help or other questions. While this is entirely up to the teacher and/or school we just wanted to show the great features that a website and dedicated email addresses could have for your school.

While a website and email accounts can be a great asset to any school there are always costs involved or compromises to be made. We realize that schools are tight on funding in this time and we know that this should not mean that students, teachers and parents don’t have what they need because money is an issue. There are many free web hosting companies that can help your school accomplish their goals.

It is important to notice that all many sites will claim to have the best free web hosting but they are not created equal and you need to know what you are looking for. Here are a few things you may want to consider when looking at free web hosting.

  • Make sure you have enough web space. You may want to decide how you want to display and break up your information and then see how many web pages you want. If you want a separate page for each class then account for that. If you want a separate page for the school lunch calendar then you should account for that as well. You get the idea. Just don’t short change yourself right off. You may not need much but you don’t want to be caught paying for overages.
  • Do you want email accounts and if so does the host you are looking at provide them and how many?
  • How much traffic are you expecting? Are you expecting all parents to have access and if so how many and how many times do you think the average student or faculty member will look? If you can get a pretty good idea of the amount of traffic you will have you will avoid fees or problems.
  • Do you want ads displayed on your free web pages and if not, are you willing to pay a little extra to have ad free hosting?
  • If you do upgrade to paid hosting what is your budget?
  • Do you need a site with free website templates and website building software or are you having someone else design your web page?
These are all things to take into consideration. It is important to remember that with most free web hosting you will run into advertising on your pages. It isn’t that this is something that the host is doing wrong but it is why they can offer you free web hosting to begin with. You should look for a company with longevity and substance because many hosts go under and leave you stranded in a sense. Just make sure that the host you choose will be there next week and that you have options to upgrade your account when the time comes so that you don’t have to switch hosts.
Our top picks for free web hosting are: