Assure vs. Ensure vs. Insure

These words are frequently misused and confused in the English language. They seem at first glance that they would be interchangeable but we will take a closer look in this post as to the proper usage of each one. These words do basically have the same meaning but, again, usage is important.

If you assure something you say or write that you will do something specific.
“He assured me he would pick up the pasta.”
You ensure that something happens.
“I will ensure that the pasta is picked up.”
Insure guarantees something with insurance or other financial backing.
“He made sure the car was insured before driving it to the store for pasta.”
Here are a few sample sentences that you can try to see if you can get the right word. The answers are below. You can use any tense of these words, such as: ensure, ensured, insure, insurance, insured, assure, assurance, assured, etc.
1. I just spoke to my agent to make sure they got the boat _____________.
2. Rest ___________, I will be there.
3. I picked him up from school to _______________ that he was home on time.
4. I will ______________ that the mail goes out.
5. The dealership ____________ me that there would be no delivery fee for the car.
6. The school should have ___________ for the children involved in sports.
7. Can you ___________ that the yard work is done?
8. You can ___________ the babysitter that we will be on time.
9. Call the office to ___________ the motorcycle.
10. You must ____________ that this gets done.
1. insured 2. assured 3. ensure 4. ensure 5. assured 6. insurance 7. ensure 8. assure 9. insure 10. ensure

It can be hard to look back at our school classes and recall all the different uses for different words. It is good to brush up on our skills at times so that we do use our language correctly.