Public School Safety

Statistics currently show that homeschooling is the fastest growing “school” in our country in the past few years. When parents who chose this option were asked what their top reasons were a large majority were concerned about public school safety and how it would affect their children.

Since the Columbine shootings that occurred in 1999 it is probably safe to say that we are all a bit nervous about the growing problems in our schools. Take that with the college shooting and violence that we know of and it is a huge problem. On just about any nightly news channel you can find something in regards to school security or school violence.
So what are the schools doing about these problems? How are they increasing security and taking precautions so that we can all feel safe sending our children to their doors? And how do they make the children feel safe so that they are in a frame of mind where they can achieve academic success?
Here are a few things that many schools across the country have implemented or are working on to improve safety.
  • Police presence at schools. In today’s world there are rarely schools (other than elementary schools) anywhere that can be found without a police officer roaming the halls.
  • Metal detectors. While many school districts do not feel the need for such items or have the money for such expense there are those that are using them and they do seem to lesson violent events.
  • Teacher and administrator training. The school leaders are more trained than ever to watch out for depression in students, bullying, declining grades and more signs that trouble could be brewing in a student. If these things are identified and helped early on then there are a lot of things that can be done to keep a student from wanting to go to such great lengths as to harm someone.
The bottom line though is that we need to stop the violence at schools starting in our homes. The presence of violent television shows, movies, video games and other media are not okay for kids of any age. Kids slowly become desensitized to these images and ideas and then things escalate. Or they think that violence is the solution to any problem. In homes where physical violence is used parents should really consider doing some research about the lasting effects that these behaviors have on today’s children.