A palindrome is a word, phrase, verse or number sequence that reads the same forwards as it does backwards. Children and adults alike enjoy these wonderful things.

When an author composes literature solely based on palindromes it is an example of “constrained writing”. This form of writing is very common in poetry. Constrained writing is just writing where the author is bound to certain form. Besides palindromes, other types of constrained writing are: Anglish, Anagrams, Reverse-Lipograms, Chaterism, Unicolavic poetry, Acrostics, Alliterives and more. Each has their own rhythm and form and the author is bound to those which is why it is constrained. This is a method of writing that can be used with any method of schooling or learning style.

Palindromes can be dated back to 79 A.D. This was discovered in ancient graffiti when it was seen on a wall. One example of why these are so amazing is that the words can form a square like shape:


You can then fill in the other blanks in the square with other palindromes so that the top vertical and far left horizontal lines are the same and so on. This may seem easy but use the word above and see if you can make a square full of palindromes so that it works in all directions. This is a great things to present to students. Even if at first you ask them to make up words that follow the rules of a palindrome and then move on to using words found in the dictionary. Student’s benefit greatly from any kind of work game.
It is fun to have student’s make up there own palindrome sentences. For example:
Race car I saw. = Was I race car?
Note that that the punctuation doesn’t matter, nor does it matter if it makes sense or not. It is strictly for fun and to see what you can come up with. These types of games and ways of thinking make the brain think in a different way and it opens up a new line of creative thinking. Different teaching methods can use these activities and games for various things.
Other words that are palindromes are: pop, madam, toot, sis, and more.
A great place to find free worksheets for fun with palindromes is: