Homeschool Technology Classes

If your homeschool curriculum isn’t online or doesn’t include computer work you may want to supplement your current curriculum by adding some technology training. Starting in third and fourth grades students should be learning to type and have general keyboarding skills. They also have the ability to start learning how to use work processing programs and other computer programs besides games. There are many homeschool curriculums online so it is fun to see what you can do for free.

There are some great things offered online that can be useful to a homeschool parent. Luckily most things are offered for little or no money which makes them even more appealing. – Offers an online flash program as well as a download. This teaches students to type touch and also includes tests. The online version is free of charge. – Free online typing program has various levels so it is not just for beginning typists but also intermediate and advanced. Teaches the importance of good posture at the keyboard and includes various exercises as well as games. – Includes free games, lessons, scoreboard, tests and you can customize your lessons and games. You can even do typing lessons in other languages. – This site offers courses on web design, information processing, and graphic design. These courses are full of benefits for homeschool students or anyone just wanting to learn more about computer technology and programs.