Fall Season Lesson Ideas

Fall is a splendid time for discovery with students. There are so many great lesson ideas that can be used in a variety of subjects. Here are just a few ideas on how to enjoy the fall season with your students.

  • Chart temperatures – This is the perfect time of year for students to chart the changes in the temperatures. As the season progresses student’s will note how drastically the seasons change. This is a great opportunity to teach students to graph, chart and analyze material. They can also summarize the findings and share them with their peers or the teacher. You can even have them give a “weather report”. It’s fun to get out the video camera and let them see their videos of their reports. This is a great way to add geography into the lesson if you have them use a map behind them of their state or the country and to talk about the weather in different places. By having students find out about the weather in places other than their hometown you help them realize that the world is so much bigger than there own little corner.
  • Subjects of interest for students to do some research on are things such as: Why do the leaves on the trees change colors? What is the chemistry behind this color change? Why do the leaves fall off of the trees? Why does this change not happen to trees that are evergreen? These are great topics that foster researching skills but also writing, grammar, and handwriting.
  • Write fall poetry. Use any pattern of poetry that you like. Possibly have a poetry recital where students share a memorized poem (of their own or another author’s work) with a group or class.
  • Great fall activities are: raking the leaves and letting kids jump in the piles, take a field trip to go see the fall colors in your area or a close by area, dry out fall leaves and then make a rubbing of the leaf in fall colors on pieces of paper. If you collect several types of leaves you can have students learn about the different trees.
There are so many fun things to do when there is a change in the seasons. Get outside and enjoy the fall weather, do something active with your students and get them involved in hands on learning. These will be lessons and memories that will stay in a student’s mind and heart. We hope these give you a few ideas or at least some inspiration to add something fun to your usual curriculum.